The Right is coalescing. Popular Movement, open to alliances

It appears Romanian rightist parties will soon forge an alliance with a Popular Movement-rooted political grouping, at least this is what presidential adviser Sebastian Lazaroiu envisions, who said that a prospective such party would enter into alliances with rightist parties, including the PDL, which, in his view, might disband in 2015.
“I believe we should be very selective with the people from present parties. There are quality people in such parties as well. Obviously, a center-right party, it would be open more to people who come from center-right parties, yet not just anybody, since it was our intention from the start to make a selection and find valuable people, valuable ideas and we could find both in the current center-right parties, including the  PDL. If you open the door, everybody will come in, it will be a new PDL, which I think nobody would like to happen,” Lazaroiu told RFI yesterday.
Asked who from PDL would find an open door into the new party,   Lazaroiu said that there are many “worthy” names, yet not necessarily from among reputed Democrat-Liberals, youth organizations and the second or third-tier officials in the party.
The presidential adviser also said that, while the party would seek alliances with rightist parties, which could include the PDL, this is only a supposition given the PDL might no longer be in place in 2015.
Lazaroiu also held the new party should steer clear from heterogenic alliances, namely with parties which are not to the right of the political spectrum.
The Popular Movement Foundation announced it began consulting its members over the opportunity of a new party being set up to endorse the projects launched by the foundation and take over its name as well. The members are invited to send the consultation forms available on the Popular Movement website containing their views on the issue by midnight Friday, May 24.
Bucharest District 1 Mayor Andrei Chiliman told Mediafax that a first round of talks was held Monday evening between IRL, PNTCD and FC on “unification of the Right”, a “long-running partnership” to go beyond  personal interests and egos”.

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