25th of May, Argentina National Day

H.E. Mr Claudio Perez Paladino, Ambassador of Argentina to Bucharest:

“Argentina commemorates on the 25th of May the day when the first national government was formed. It is a celebration full of deep feelings, for that day in 1810 became a turning point in our history that marked the country’s life forever.
Celebrating the 25th of May, we are aware that, with just over 2 centuries of existence, Argentina inherits a tradition of a  young and dynamic country with a vast potential of achievements, open to the world as a valuable contributor to the global community. This year has been particularly positive regarding the presence of Argentina in the world through international figures of relevance. Indeed, during the conclave held on the 13th of March at the Vatican, Pope Francis was elected as Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church, being the first Argentine in that position. Also, on April 30, Máxima Zorreguieta became Queen consort of the Netherlands, and in this way the first European monarch born in  Latin America.
The existing relations between Argentina and Romania are excellent, and we are confident that this trend will deepen further. From this point of view, the cultural affinity that characterizes our two peoples is certainly an additional reason for celebration and, in a way, happily outweighs the geographical distance that separates both national territories. It is this cultural affinity, largely due to the common Latin roots, which provides a multiplier for bilateral initiatives – public or private – that have been undertaken and will continue to flourish.
In fact, we should not underestimate the potential of accomplishments that this platform encloses: cultural lifestyles, customs and values, similar characteristics that Argentine and Romanian people share.
In this context, the Embassy of Argentina in Romania is committed every day to strengthen our country’s presence in the local community through a wide spectrum of activities.
In recent years, the development of cooperation initiatives in agriculture has become particularly relevant in the bilateral agenda. Argentina holds a leading role as international producer of goods, services and technology related to agriculture and food, which has become a clear motivation to start joint ventures with partners in Romania.
It is worth mentioning the constant and growing presence of Argentina in Romania through culture. The Argentine tango has become a powerful magnet for many Romanians, who participate in frequent events devoted to our representative music and dance. Also, the Argentine cinema enjoys an outstanding reputation in Romania; very often films from our country receive awards at festivals and competitions.
Moreover, it is worth highlighting the role that Romanian cinema plays in Argentina, where it is highly rated for its quality. To mention a few examples, the top prize of the Mar del Plata Film Festival went to “Beyond the Hills” directed by Cristian Mungiu, in December 2012, and the award-winning director Radu Gabrea was a guest of honor in the Buenos Aires Political Film Festival.
The Argentine literature, meanwhile, has a long tradition of public recognition among readers as well as Romanian publishers. Its prestige has increased over recent years with the translation of Argentine works to Romanian, thanks to the support and financing of Programa Sur from Argentina.
We invite all the Romanians to join us on the National Day of Argentina and to continue to make efforts to enhance the links that compose the bilateral relationship.”

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