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May 16, 2022

Group expulsions from PNL: 12 liberals lost their status of party members

The reason is “the accession to other parties or political doctrines.” Former PNL vice-president Vlad Moisescu, who is among the 12 expelled members, claims that he was robbed of his membership.

The interim president of PNL District 1, Daniel Chitoiu announced Wednesday evening that 12 people were expelled from the party, including former vice-president Vlad Moisescu . According to Chitoiu, the reason for this decision is related to “the adhesion to other political parties or doctrines” (allusion to the fact that certain people on the list of expulsions are among the initiators of the Liberal Romania Initiative, a political-civic platform created by PNL dissidents discontent with the acting party leadership).
Vlad Moisescu is known as being close to the mayor of District 1, Andrei Chiliman and a founder of the Liberal Romania Initiative (IRL). According to the statute of PNL, the members that do not hold a leading position in the party, such as Moisescu, are expelled based on the decision of the local party organisation they belong to.
According to Liberal sources quoted by Mediafax, among those who were expelled Wednesday are people close to Andrei Chiliman, including Ioana Costescu and Bogdan Pitigoi. According to Evz.ro, expulsions will not stop here and the next targets are the mayor of District 1, Andrei Chiliman and Diana Tusa. Deputy Diana Tusa is blamed for the critical opinions she expressed against the Liberal ministers, while Chiliman is accused of criticising the way Crin Antonescu leads the party and the fact that he is among the founders of IRL, which he and his entourage recently founded in view of uniting the right. The political-civic platform IRL has among its founding members Andrei Chiliman, Vlad Moisescu, Diana Tusa, Dan Cristian Popescu, Iulian Craciun.

We were robbed of our membership, Moisescu says
Vlad Moisescu promptly retorted yesterday, saying that he was not announced about the intention to be expelled from the party, which was “a robbery” and advises PNL leader Crin Antonescu to stop playing “like a small tyrant.” “Neither I nor the 11 colleagues with whom I built the strongest PNL organisation in Romania were given the chance to defend ourselves and present our point of view. We were robbed of our membership, without being announced. This infringement of the most basic rules of democracy and freedom is worrying in virtue of a single fact: it was conducted at the order of someone who leads the committee for the revision of the democratic Constitution of Romania,” Moisescu wrote in a press release. The former Liberal adds that the acting president of PNL should give up, in this context, the position of chairman of the parliamentary Committee for the revision of the Constitution.
“I appreciate that, for the democratic future of the Romanian society, Crin Antonescu should give up the quality of first-reviser of the Constitution and only play the little tyrant in PNL. The reasons for the expulsion are ridiculous and pertain to the primitive and politicianistic thinking of the historic accident atop PNL. As for my colleagues, their only guilt is that they care for the National Liberal Party and passionately worked in electoral campaigns,” Moisescu added.

Poll: Romanians believe Sorin Rosca Stanescu should be expelled from PNL
In line with the recent expulsions from PNL, a recent CSCI opinion poll conducted on 16-19 May 2013 quoted by rtv.net finds that 70 pc of the subjects that heard about the Sorin Rosca Stanescu (SRS) row have a bad opinion about his accusations, 62 pc have a good opinion about SRS being expelled from PNL, following his attacks, and 29 pc have a bad opinion about this decision.

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