Nitu: I did not order the settlement of Ponta’s case

Romania’s attorney general Tiberiu Nitu stated yesterday that he will analyze whether the invalidation of the solution given to the notification of the alleged plagiarism committed by Premier Victor Ponta in the case in which criminal charges were dropped is necessary, pointing out that he did not order the settlement of the case.
“We are still within the 20-day period in which interested persons can appeal against the solution. We are waiting to see what the interested parties do first in this situation and then we will analyze the opportunity of invalidating the solution, as you say,” Nitu stated, being quoted by Mediafax. Asked for a comment on the fact that the prosecutor handling the case dropped the charges in the case concerning Ponta’s alleged plagiarism precisely on the day in which he (Nitu – editor’s note) was appointed at the helm of the High Court of Justice’s (ICCJ) Prosecutor’s Office, Nitu stated that the prosecutor handling the case did his job.
“The prosecutor is independent, he is not interested who is in charge today, who is in charge tomorrow, he settles his case,” Romania’s attorney general stated, pointing out that he does not consider that the solution issued in Ponta’s case damaged his image. “I don’t see any bizarre element. I think it is good that the prosecutors act alone and how they see fit based on the documents included in the cases they handle,” Nitu added.
We remind our readers that the ICCJ’s Prosecutor’s Office decided on Tuesday to drop charges in the case concerning the accusations of plagiarism brought against the Premier. The denouncers claimed that of the 292 pages of the “Responsibility in humanitarian international law” paper published by the Universul Juridic Publishing House in 2010, a paper authored by Victor Ponta and Daniela Coman, “a number of 113 pages do not represent their own original creation, representing instead a fraudulent appropriation of the intellectual creation of four authors.”

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