PM Ponta attends Germany’s Social-Democratic Party 150th anniversary

PM Victor Ponta and German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed to meet at a date to be established later on. The German chancellor is among the European leaders who criticized last year the USL-originated suspension proceedings against Traian Basescu.

Having attended the European Council meeting, Premier Victor Ponta arrived in Leipzig Wednesday evening to attend the celebratory events of 150th years of Social-Democracy in Germany.
The event joined socialist premiers from European countries and heads of states, among whom French President Francois Hollande. German Chancellor Angela Merkel attended the event on Thursday.
The Leipzig meeting could mark a new moment in the bilateral relation between Romania and Germany, amid the meeting the head of the Executive in Bucharest was due to have with Chancellor Merkel.
Premier Victor Ponta held on Wednesday brief talks with the president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, and Chancellor Angela Merkel, part of the European leaders’ formal greeting protocol before the beginning of European Council meetings.
The PSD leader, Premier Victor Ponta upholds the presidential term of office being reduced to four years, although he said he didn’t know whether banning the president from holding public office once his term is over would be constitutional. “On the presidential term in office being reduced to four years? If the Liberals proposed it, yes, I agree with it. I was to say «what does this have to do with us, the PSD ? I don’t know… The thing is… what I disagree with is to have concurrent presidential-legislative elections once again, since it would all get mixed up again, and it’s clear the president is the head of the party that wins the election. If you hold it in 2014, 2018, yes, we agree. The more so as the proposal came from Liberals, it’s alright, they will have a presidential candidate and then it’s sure we won’t oppose it,” Ponta said, while at the European Council meeting in Brussels.
This year’s budget does not stipulate sums aimed at increasing military pensions, funds which could be included in next year’s budget,  Ponta said, who added he didn’t know how long it would take until the military pension law were to be implemented by the Senate, Wednesday, the PM said he didn’t know.
Ponta also said that Democrat-Liberal MEP Monica Macovei “went amok” when she said that the emotional ground is being prepared for Gigi Becali’s pardoning, as she made a similar statement with respect to Adrian Nastase at the time of suspending proceedings against Train Basescu last summer
The premier also said he would meet with Chancellor Merkel, and other European officials, including Poland’s PM, at a date to be set later on. Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean said at some point the formal meeting between the two officials would take place in late June.

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