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March 29, 2023

There is no finalized regionalisation project, vice-premier Dragnea says

Minister of Regional development and Public Administration (MDRAP) Liviu Dragnea started the series of debated in the territory regarding the regionalisation-decentralization process. On Thursday, at Iasi, some 500 people attended the first seminar on the topic, having the opportunity to express their points of view and address questions. They can also send the minister written questions or suggestions, by filling in the printed form offered by the organizers.
At the beginning of the debate, vice-premier Liviu Dragnea presented several suggestions and conclusions according to the studies carried out by the academic group with the Consultative Council for Regionalization (CONREG). Dragnea said the project is not finalized yet, but the suggestions coming from the audience could contribute to a better administrative system.
“The natural process of drawing up the draft for regionalization involves academicians, university professors, specialists and, on the other hand, a comprehensive public debate to see ideas and projects to pick up interesting projects for a balanced country. (…)  The project is being built right now,” Liviu Dragnea said at the beginning of the seminar.
Dragnea added that “a poor developed county or area is bound to determine a low standard of living for the citizens”, reason for which administrative solutions are sought to make such regions develop.
The vice-premier expressed his belief in the need for regionalization, about pre-conceived ideas and certainties about the process, about what institutions and public services are not going to be decentralized following reorganization, as well as about functional criteria to set up the regions and the capitals already agreed upon until now.

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