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December 9, 2022

Vulcan employees to resume protest if they do not receive their wages

Approximately 300 employees of Vulcan Bucharest protested yesterday because they were not paid their wages and only stopped when Remus Borza promised that they will receive the overdue money, but warned that they will restart the protest if this does not happen, according to trade union leader Nicu Neata, quoted by Mediafax. Neate explained that the protest was stopped by judicial administrator Remus Borza, who told the employees that, starting today, he is the one who decides everything in the company.” According to the trade union leader, Borza also told Vulcan employees that he will open an account for insolvency these days, where the money from contracts will be deposited and will be only used for wages and the raw materials needed in view of honouring the contracts, and starting next week he will make the payments for salaries and materials. Borza also sacked yesterday the CEO of the company, Laurentiu Parvu and promised the protesters that they will receive the overdue wages in 2-3 weeks from now. The Bucharest Tribunal approved the insolvency of Vulcan Bucuresti, controlled by businessman Ovidiu Tender, at the company’s request, over a debt of EUR 37 M.

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