‘Popular Movement’ begins proceedings towards founding namesake party

Former PDL vice president Sever Voinescu said that quite a few of the PDL members dissatisfied with the current leadership of the party would join the Popular Movement on account of Traian Basescu.

The “ Popular Movement” Foundation Saturday evening  announced its beginning legal proceedings towards founding a political grouping  called the “Popular Movement” Party, and its goals, among which, an unicameral parliament with up to 300 MPs, mail voting, low taxation, social assistance in exchange for community work service and the merging of counties and small communes. Mediafax quoted a “Popular Movement” Foundation press release as saying that consultations between foundation members on its website May 20-24 yielded the following results: 58 pc would like a foundation and a party, 31 pc a party, and 11 pc a foundation only.

“The founding members have therefore decided to begin legal formalities towards the setting up of a center-right party called the Popular Movement Party,” the quoted source said.The Popular Movement Foundation announced on Tuesday it began consulting its members over the opportunity of a political party being established to support foundation-launched projects and to take its name from it. Members were asked to send their answers by midnight Friday, May 24, with the consultation form available on the Popular Movement website.Presidential adviser Sebastian Lazaroiu told RFI Tuesday that the party the foundation would like to set up wishes to enter alliances   with rightist parties, being opened to other groupings, including the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL), which, in his view, might be disbanded in 2016.Lazaroiu held the forthcoming party should avoid heterogenic alliances with parties that are not positioned on the right of the political spectrum.Also, while in Craiova, Friday, Lazaroiu told a press conference that, while the bulk of the “Popular Movement” Foundation members would stay with the foundation, they would nonetheless want an eponymous political party being established. Lazaroiu, in Craiova at the opening of the Dolj County branch of the “Popular Movement” Foundation, that a consulting process was launched on the foundation website of the 6,000 members over a political party being set up.

Lazaroiu also said that the foundation had political goals right from the start.

Voinescu: Those unhappy with PDL will join the Popular Movement, on Basescu’s account

Former PDL vice president Sever Voinescu told Mediafax that quite a few of PDL members unhappy with the party leadership would join the Popular Movement on Traian Basescu’s account, and “PDL will pay dearly the error to have got ridden” of the head of state. Voinescu also said the party being set up is a reaction to the “dead-end and aberrant road that PDL embarked on”. Voinescu added he would not get involved with the new party.  PDL MEP Cristian Preda said Saturday that the setting up of the Popular Movement Party is an alternative reaction to a “faint PDL”, and, provided Traian Basescu’s supporters joined the grouping, and the PDL stays the course, he would join the Movement.In his turn, presidential adviser Gabriel Berca said he would get involved with the setting up of the “Popular Movement” Party and is fully available to become a member, as the law allows him so, adding that people from PDL’s “second and third-tier” too, could join the new party.


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