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January 25, 2022

Jordan Celebrates 67th Independence Day: Celebrating Achievements

By H.E. Dr. Munther S. Qabba’ah, Ambassador of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to Bucharest

Jordan can boast a host of achievements since securing independence in 1946; the development of a skilled workforce, improved health services and its emergence as a leading diplomatic force in the region.With limited infrastructure Jordanians have built a country they are proud of, as the Kingdom continues to assert its steadfastness in a region in almost permanent turmoil, and continues to defy economic and political challenges. These challenges have only managed to make Jordan and the Jordanians stronger, and more faithful and confident in their power and that of their country.

The country is blessed with the wise leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II whose efforts has brought the country much progress and reinforced its stability.

The ongoing political reform process was launched by His Majesty King Abdullah years ago, but has gained more momentum over the past year with the amendments to almost one-third of the Constitution. New laws were also introduced, including the one that brought to life the Independent Elections Commission.

The zenith of this reform process was holding the parliamentary elections last February based on new amended elections law and which led subsequently to the formation of a parliamentary government. We reach a parliamentary government and a Parliament that is truly representative of the people due to higher levels of freedom of expression and to free media.The local political process is coupled with economic and regional developments that steal the limelight and divert attention from achievements. These include the Arab Spring and the ongoing violence in Syria that is creating regional uncertainty, and adding to Jordan’s burdens through the arrival of more than 500,000 Syrians into the Kingdom. Jordan remained an oasis of stability and security, a safe, hospitable haven offering refuge to those in need from countries around it and beyond, stretching to them its limited resources but never wavering from its humanitarian course.Romania and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan mark this year 48th anniversary since the establishment of diplomatic relations. The frequency of top-level bilateral visits in recent years proves the privileged relations which exist between Romania and Jordan: in 2005 and 2011 H. E. Mr. Traian Basescu President of Romania visited Amman, and His Majesty King Abdullah II visited Bucharest in 2004 and 2009, where ten cooperation agreements and protocols were signed, eight of which are in the economic field. Commercial cooperation has grown, and many joint business workshops were held in Amman and Bucharest; in addition to the ongoing preparations to hold the business councel meetings in Amman. Cooperation is promoted also in the Health sector with plan to hold the 4th medical joint conferrence next month in Romania under the auspecies of H R H Princess Muna Al-Hussain.Economic and commercial cooperation opportunities between the two countries are numerous. Jordan, in its turn, is interested in developing the cooperation with Romania by creating a Romanian-Jordanian economic corridor, notably in the sectors of energy and mineral resources, in agriculture, transports and in the financial-banking sector. Bilateral collaboration in these sectors is favored by Jordan’s status in relation to the EU, by its role and geographic location in the Middle East, as well as by Romania’s position as a “gateway” to Europe and, concurrently, as a Member State of the European Union.

Accordingly, I would like to call on Romanian firms to take advantage of Jordan’s strategic location and investment incentives, and invest in the mega projects the country plans to implement in the fields of transport, railways, infrastructure and logistics, among others. (…) I would also like to refer to the importance of civil ties between the two countries and the catalyst role the Romanian-Jordanian communities play in the field of nongovernmental cooperation. Thousands of Jordanians studied at Romanian universities and many Romanian citizens have settled in Jordan; in addition, there are many Jordanian businessmen and citizens living in Romania who form a genuine bridge between the two countries. In Jordan there are about 1500 mixed Romanian-Jordanian families and about 11,000 Jordanian alumni of universities in Romania; many of them currently holding top positions in their country’s economic, social and academic life. (…) On this day, Jordanians remember that it was through sacrifices that they built their country and made it what it is today, a source of pride that defied the odds, challenges and the scarcity of resources. And they know that better times are to come, that their political reform process is on track, that the stability of their country is an unparallelled asset, making Jordan an oasis of peace in a turbulent region. On this Independence Day, I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to the Jordanian Community in Romania, and I would also like to thank the Romanian Government for its continued relentless support to the Embassy of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan which has substantially contributed to enable the embassy to work for the wellbeing and prosperity of the people of both countries, and call upon the Romanian community to continue joining hands to promote a story of success between the peoples and governments of Jordan and Romania.


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