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July 26, 2021

NATO chief thanked Romania for its political and military contribution to the Alliance

On the occasion of the visit paid by Anders Fogh Rasmussen to Bucharest, President Basescu said that Romania considers as necessary a NATO summit in 2014. The secretary general of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen and the minister of Foreign Affairs, Titus Corlatean discussed about Romania’s contribution to the operations of NATO.

The secretary general of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen started Friday morning an official visit to Bucharest, in which he first met the minister of Foreign Affairs, Titus Corlatean, with whom he discussed about Romania’s contribution to the operations of NATO, the minister of Defence and the chief of Grand Staff, then he had talks with Premier Victor Ponta and President Traian Basescu.Rasmussen talked with Corlatean about the priorities of NATO, the Romanian participation in the operations led by the Alliance, regional problems, NATO partnerships and developing the missile defence capacity of the Organisation. MAE informed in a press release that the visit of the NATO secretary general to Bucharest occurs less than a month after the meeting of the NATO ministers of Foreign Affairs, on 23 April 2013, and “reflects the importance and distinct profile of Romania in the North-Atlantic Alliance.”“During the meeting, the two high officials reviewed a series of priorities on the NATO agenda. The secretary general of NATO thanked Romania for its political and military contribution to the Alliance, in general, with a special mention to the Romanian participation in the operations led by NATO. He reiterated the satisfaction for coopting in the leadership of the Alliance, as Assistant of the secretary general for emerging security risks, of the acting permanent representative of Romania to NATO, Sorin Ducaru. The chief of the Romanian diplomacy reconfirmed Romania’s commitment to the participation in allied operations. He evoked the NATO calendar of withdrawal from Afghanistan and reaffirmed the availability of our country to contribute to the security and development of this country after 2014,” MAE informs.On agenda were topics of regional interest, related to adjacent zones to the Alliance, with emphasis on Western Balkans, eastern neighborhood, the Black Sea region and the Southern Caucasus. Minister Corlatean emphasized the need to maintain the attention of NATO towards the eastern neighborhood and the Black Sea region, along with Romania’s support for the NATO policy of open doors,” with the secretary general expressing support for the policy of enlarging the Alliance, reads de MAE communiqué.“The chief of Romanian diplomacy evoked, against this background, the informal trilateral dialogue Romania-Poland-Turkey and the support – on the line of approaches and principles established by the North-Atlantic Alliance – which the three affiliate countries manifest, same as other NATO member countries, for the Euro-Atlantic road of the state that aspire to accession. With this view, he evoked the recent meeting, in the margin of NATO ministerial reunion of April, of the Trilateral with the four accession candidates, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia, Montenegro, Macedonia”, the MAE communiqué mentions.

The ministry emphasises that minister Corlatean reiterated the support for continuing to develop the NATO partnerships, as a strategic dimension of the encompassing allied approach, also in relation to security.Later, Rasmussen met Premier Victor Ponta and thanked for the supported provided by Romania in Afghanistan, Kosovo and other missions of the North-Atlantic organisation and referred to the recent appointing of Sorin Ducaru as assistant, reminding that he will be in charge with a special division with attributions in managing the new security challenges.Rasmussen was assured by Premier Ponta that he will be supported by Romania to fulfill the objectives until the end of his mandate. Friday, during the meeting between Rasmussen and Defence minister Mircea Dusa, the latter assured the NATO official that the Deveselu project will observe the set deadlines, as he personally verified the site of works.The secretary general of NATO mentioned that the most difficult moments of his mandate are when he must send condolences to the countries and families of the soldiers dead in Afghanistan, and this duty is even more difficult as it must be fulfilled almost every week.

Basescu: Romania did not start the diplomatic procedure for the office of NATO secretary general

Romania did not start any diplomatic procedure, or another kind of procedure for the office of secretary general of NATO, President Traian Basescu said after talks with NATO secretary general Anders Fogh Rasmussen, adding that the acting holder of the office still has one year and a half of mandate.The acting secretary general of NATO was asked by the press, after the meeting at Cotroceni, if he believes that his successor in the top office of the Alliance can be a Romanian.President Basescu intervened and said that Romania started no diplomatic or other kind of procedure with this regard.“Romania started no diplomatic or other kind of procedure about this office. It is premature, and the acting secretary general still has one year and a half of mandate. Only our press is in a hurry,” Basescu said.In his turn, Rasmussen mentioned that it is premature to discuss this problem, including the names that might be suitable for this function.Basescu alsa stated that Romania cannot accept the propaganda made by foreign media that the Deveselu project implies risks for other states. He added that he informed the secretary general of NATO that Romania will have an economic growth of 0.3 pc in 2014 and in 2016 it will resume complying with the obligations assumed upon joining NATO about financing the military with 2 pc of the GDP.The president said that Romania disavows statements like that made by the president of Stratfor, George Friedman, about the importance and efficiency of the missile defence system.

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