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June 25, 2022

Cantacuzino Institute to resume production of anti-flu vaccine

The Cantacuzino Institute will resume production of Romanian-made anti-flu vaccine this autumn. Two weeks ago the authorities announced that the Cantacuzino National Institute will receive RON 10 M from the government’s reserve fund. According to the director of the National Drug Agency (ANM), Dr. Marius Savu, the institute has to meet the production criteria in order to receive the Agency’s authorization. Basically the institute has to respect some internationally-validated circuits, a process that is close to completion. “At this moment the institute hasn’t filed any authorization request at the ANM. For the production line they filed a request that has already been verified and inspected in what concerns the quality labs they have within their structure. The moment they finalize all details they will probably file this request,” Marius Savu stated. According to Savu, the procedures take very little time if everything is all right. “Basically the procedures entail an inspection, an evaluation of circuits in line with the regulations in force, and if the rules are respected, the machines are calibrated and the circuits are all right there shouldn’t be any delays when it comes to issuing the authorization,” the director of ANM added.

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