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January 27, 2022

Deputy Calimente (PNL): The referendum should be eliminated from the Constitution, it is a political instrument

The PNL deputy of Arad, Mihaita Calimente believes that the referendum should be eliminated from the Constitution, because it is a “political instrument” that can be used “to cheat the population,” adding that the modifications of the Constitution could be operated directly by the Parliament, without consulting the population.
“The referendum should be eliminated, because it is a political instrument that can be used by ill-intended people to cheat the population. Apparently something beneficial, it can still be used to defend their own interests,” the deputy said, quoted by Mediafax.
Calimente added that Romania is “a representative democracy, not a direct one” and some countries do not even have in their Constitution the notion of referendum, such as the United Kingdom.
The Liberal said that, in general, the referendum was used in Europe “to solve the problem of the adoption of the new European constitution.”
In a different move, PDL vice-president Ioan Oltean said that the draft law that reduces the turnout threshold in referendums is unconstitutional and represents “a direct attack against democracy,” because there is the risk that a mayor elected with 80 pc of the votes is suspended with just 12.5 pc.
“The law for modifying the Law of the referendum in the adopted formula is totally unconstitutional and is a direct attack against democracy in Romania. (…) There is the risk that a mayor elected with 80 pc of validly cast ballots is suspended with 12.5 pc of the validly cast ballots, in such a referendum,” Ioan Oltean said in a press conference Thursday. In his opinion, it is “unpardonable” that a Constitution voted with a certain quorum is subject to the conditions of this regulation.

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