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March 30, 2023

Woman found in Arges River allegedly killed by repeat offender

A 37-year-old man from Topoloveni, Arges County, released from prison in April where he did time for rape, was detained on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, being the main suspect in the case of the woman who was murdered and pieces of her body were found in the Arges River. The body of Iuliana Neblea was found in the Arges River, without the head and limbs. She was allegedly killed and her body cut to pieces by a repeat offender who picked her up in his brother’s car.
The alleged killer is suspected of a series of rapes, his victims being female hitchhikers, Mediafax informs. Former prisoner Florin Marzararu was detained for 24 hours, being charged with aggravated murder, theft and defilement, the investigators stating that he picked the woman up, took her to his home, murdered her and then cut up her body, dumping the remains in the Arges River from the Cateasca bridge.
According to investigators, the pictures recorded by surveillance cameras show how the man picked up a young female hitchhiker and drove off towards Dambovita County. Investigators found traces of blood in the car, this being the most solid piece of evidence that he killed the woman. At the same time, investigators searched the man’s homes in Topoloveni and Leordeni commune. The searches took place in the man’s presence in a home in Leordeni where his parents lived, as well as in his apartment in Topoloveni. Investigators tried to establish where the murder took place. Likewise, investigators are also looking for the knife used to cut the woman’s body.
Marius Iacob, chief-prosecutor of the High Court of Justice’s Prosecutor’s Office’s (PICCJ) Criminal Prosecution and Crime Scene Investigation Section, stated that the suspect, who was heard by police in Topoloveni on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, has admitted to the crime.
“We have a main suspect prosecuted for aggravated murder, theft and defilement. He has been detained for 24 hours and will be arraigned before court with the proposal to place him under preventive arrest,” Marius Iacob announced.
According to him, on the night of May 24-25 the man “approached the woman, Iuliana N., whom he drove to an unknown location, robbed her, killed her, then cut her body to pieces and dumped the remains in the Arges River.”
He pointed out that the case has been taken over by the PICCJ, so that the suspect, who is now detained by the Arges County Police, will be brought to Bucharest for hearings. “We will establish the motive of the murder. The defendant refused making any statements. Our data shows that he murdered her in Arges County, we will see whether he also raped the victim. He most likely murdered the woman at his home, cut up her body and dumped the remains from the bridge in Cateasca. We don’t know what he used to cut the body up. He was previously sentenced to jail for rape and he was released on parole in April 2013. Afterwards he was also sentenced for theft and illegally crossing the border,” Marius Iacob stated at the end of the hearings that took place in Topoloveni. In his turn, Viorel Vasile, head of the Criminal Investigations Directorate of the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police (IGPR), stated that the man was identified on the basis of statements from witnesses and CCTV recordings.
“He was identified both from the statements of witnesses and from images recorded by video cameras. There are several witnesses that offered details that led to his identification. He was called in at the police in order to offer details about the vehicle he drove, which belongs to his brother. The Hyundai vehicle was examined in his presence. In it we found brown-reddish traces we will examine after we will have all the data from the crime scene investigation and forensic analyses,” quaestor Viorel Vasile stated.
The woman’s body, without the head, the arms and the legs, was found by a shepherd on Saturday in the Arges River, in the Ionesti village, Dambovita County.

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