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December 6, 2021

Antonescu sent his child to a public school, Ponta to a private one

PNL president Crin Antonescu said yesterday that his child learns in a public secondary school, but protested against “blaming” those who chose to send their children to private schools. “There is no merit in being in a public school. It is an option with many elements, which I will not discuss now. I protest, as a principle, against blaming someone who has the child in a private school. So, gentlemen, if the existence of both public and private education is provided by the laws of this country, I think that whatever option the citizens of this country may have, these are equally legitimate options. I do not see how one might accuse anyone who has the child in a private school,” the PNL leader stated. When he was asked why he chose a private school, Victor Ponta announced that his son has been in a public school for 4 years, long before the moment he became prime minister. “He is there since 4 years ago, when I was a Gorj deputy, do you want me to transfer him to another school?” the premier wondered, asking a journalist if this is a reason to resign. Sunday, Premier Victor Ponta announced that his son goes to a private school “because of logistic considerations,” as he is closer to home, adding that there are not very big differences between public and private schools in urban areas and in Bucharest. Ponta considers that the tuition fee charged by the school where his son learns is not very high, at approximately EUR 7,000 a year.

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