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December 7, 2021

Romania vs. Trinidad-Tobago friendly on National Arena

The Romania vs. Trinidad-Tobago friendly, scheduled on Tuesday, at 9.45 PM, on Bucharest’s National Arena, will be officiated by a team of referees from Serbia, led by Milorad Mazici, frf.ro informs. Mazici will be assisted by Milovan Ristici and Igor Radojicici.
Romania’s goalkeeper Bogdan Lobont stated yesterday at a press conference that the coach wants to test several new players in the game, including him, because he has not played for the national team in a long time.
“It’s a training game, coach Piturca will definitely want to test new players, including myself, because I haven’t played for the national team in a good while. We want to give the fans a good impression. We cannot afford to lose, we have had sufficient negative experiences in the past, experiences we do not want to relive,” Lobont stated.
Bogdan Lobont pointed out he was touched when he found out he will be the national team’s new captain. “I was touched when I was told I will be the national team’s captain. It’s an honor for me to be captain after Hagi, Gica Popescu, Chivu. They are special persons that have helped me a great deal. Chivu was by my side in difficult moments. As long as they ask for my help I will answer the national team’s calls, the team having given me a great deal,” Lobont added.
The goalkeeper stated that the players of Trinidad-Tobago should not be underestimated even though they play in the championships of Kazakhstan and Vietnam. “Trinidad has players that play in England, at Middleborough. They also have players in Kazakhstan and Vietnam, but at any rate they should not be underestimated, they have to be treated with respect,” Lobont added.
Bogdan Lobont considers that the national team’s image was affected even before the incident in which player Gabriel Tamas was involved last week. “The Tamas issue was discussed and will be discussed for several more days. I haven’t talked with him, the national team’s image was at any rate affected. I don’t remember the players being summoned up lately without there being a scandal,” Lobont stated, pointing out that he will play for AS Roma next season too.

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