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September 18, 2019

Antena 3 – Romania TV media war scenarios

Political analyst Cozmin Gusa holds that owners’ lust for power and money and the state institutions’ greediness to keep the press subordinated to them are the chief causes for the media war between the press trusts of Dan Voiculescu and Sebastian Ghita, following the arrest of Antena Group General Manager Sorin Alexandrescu. In a phone-in call to Realitatea TV, of which he is an editing director majority shareholder, Gusa said that the scandal could discredit the press even more that it’s already, as “the understanding will be that all the press owners have but interests,”, with institutional responsibility being neglected.
“The tensions in the Romanian mass-media have built up on trends whose common denominator is the press owners’ lust for power and money and the greediness of state institutions to enslave the press to gain influence and power. This hidden, no holds barred fighting  led to a situation where we see not only owners, managers, CEOs getting arrested, but also notice very serious anomaly that hurts me: journalists that are practically set one against another, oblivious to principles and solidarity of this guild,” Realitatea.net quoted Gusa as saying.
The portal of the “Voice of Russia” too referred to Alexandrescu’s arrest in an article, saying that the “end-target of the DNA attack is not the Antena 1 manager, but Dan Voiculescu”. “Sorin Alexandrescu will be subjected to unimaginable pressure during his stay in the «basements» of the «independent» justice that got the blessing of the Ponta & Basescu cohabitators. It’s more than sure that threats will be used, as well as blackmail and the prospect of spending seven years behind bars,“ the said source wrote.  Sorin Alexandrescu will find it hard not to speak about his boss, and the “end-goal is a criminal file being built for Dan Voiculescu. Irrespective of how aberrant or illogical the «confession» signed by Alexandrescu, the DNA will use it to destroy the trust. Both Dan Voiculescu and Camelia Voiculescu (his daughter, the actual head of the Intact press group) will be targeted by the file“.
The article also suggests that the president and the premier also cohabitate to politically get rid of Voiculescu.  “Dan Voiculescu’s big error was his decision not to fight to the end in the summer of 2012, when he would have had 7.4 m of Romanians on his side, yet, he lacked the guts. Now, he stands all by himself facing the Ponta & Basescu tandem, who is in control of both <secret> services and the judiciary. The tragic, yet predictable, end of the game is approaching. A dishonoring capitulation might allow him to remain free, yet, outside the political game,” the “Voice of Russia” journalist writes.
In his turn, the news portal obictiv.info, quoting sources close to Antennas journalists, that the article published on the “Voice of Russia” website was made possible after the founding president of the   Conservative Party, Dan Voiculescu, allegedly met in London with its representatives to negotiate media support amid the scandal surrounding Alexandrescu’s arrest.

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