Udrea: I am glad because they did not operate expulsions, things calmed down in PDL

PDL deputy Elena Udrea said yesterday that “she is glad because they did not operate expulsions from the party,” adding that the leadership of PDL “found the wisdom” to keep MEP Cristian Preda. “We are not in a situation to afford ousting people from the party, especially people that have credibility for a right-wing electorate which we cannot deny,” Udrea said, quoted by Mediafax, mentioning that it is Preda’s option to challenge or not the decision made Monday by the Permanent National Bureau (BPN) on suspending him for six months from the party.
As for the former ministers of Education, and Foreign Affairs – Daniel Funeriu and Teodor Baconschi – the former minister of Development and Tourism stated that if they did not resign from PDL, “probably they would not have been expelled.” She added that there was enough discontentment in PDL that generated “a state of agitation,” but she believes that “things calmed down” and the party must be capable to obtain in the European elections “at least the score it achieved in the parliamentary elections of 2012.”
On the other hand, the first vice-president of the democrat-liberals, Dorin Florea said yesterday that the “reformists” of PDL “have not understood yet, and probably will never understand, because they don’t want to understand” how detrimental they are to the party and the society. “Reform is not about keeping the distance and jabbering, but wearing your boots, getting into this mediocre and almost intolerable political world and trying to regain the confidence of people, showing that you know how to do something else. This is what we are doing now. They chose that narrow sector, trying to keep their lacquer shoes, somewhere detached from politics. (…) Decency would compel them to leave if they do not like the party or some connections. Let them resign and go where they want,” Florea said, adding that the possible resignation of other members of the reformist group is “no loss” for the party.

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