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January 23, 2022

Chamber of Deputies votes for vacation of Becali deputy seat

The Chamber of Deputies yesterday vacated 247-1, and two abstentions, the deputy seat of Gigi Becali, who was definitively sentenced to prison for tree years over the “Suitcase” file. The High Court passed its decision one week after Becali had been sentenced to serve three years in prison over a land swap with the Ministry of National Defence (MoD). The Lower House also voted to vacate the deputy seat of Aurel Nechita (a former PSD deputy of Galati), who lost his tenure after a definitive decision passed by the High Court of Cassation and Justice. (ICCJ).
Before the vote, Chamber of Deputies Speaker Valeriu Zgonea (PSD), the loss of a mandate does not require a vote, yet, vacation does. He also said that the vacation decision is parliament’s duty to government in order to fulfil the legal procedure of holding partial elections within 45 days of the position being vacated. Zgonea also said that the draft decision on George Becali’s term in office being sent to the official Journal was a mistake, yet, no MP is at fault.  “The technical staff will be in for a surprise when the regulation will get changed. I won’t allow such things to happen. One must answer for their errors. None of the lawmakers are to blame. That’s why we have 751 civil servants,” Zgonea said
EUR 1.7 M plus interest calculated in 2008,seized by state
Mediafax quoted judicial sources as saying that the 1.7 m euro seized from Gigi Becali as a result of the definitive decision handed down by the High Court over the “Suitcase” file Monday evening, will get into the Ministry of Finance account, as a sum under a restraint order, along with the interest calculated in 2008. The 1.7 M euro was found at the former chairman of the Board of Directors of Steaua FC, Teia Sponte, and levied distraint on by the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) by an ordinance, May 8, 2008.

Bogdan Vlad, one of Becali’s lawyers, said Tuesday evening, after his client was sentenced to three years in prison in connection to the “Suitcase” file, that he would file a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). “We have plenty of reasons to do it, legal, technical, there is no reason why I should explain this on television,” the lawyer told Romania TV. He would not comment on the potential sanction Steaua could be subjected to, as sports is not his area of expertise. “Mr. Becali’s deed, to offer money to players in order that they do their duty, under international regulation on corruption, regulations also ratified by Romania, is not regarded as a crime of bribe.  Only if committed for the player not to exercise his duties.” Asked about another file (“Avicola”), Becali is investigated for, the lawyer said the file was “exclusively” opened to prevent his client from leaving the country on May 19 into 20 <it was the latter date when the three year sentence was passed against Becali over the land swap with the MoD>.

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