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April 22, 2021

France Telecom seeks agreements with Romanian cable service providers

France Telecom-Orange will try to enter into agreements with cable companies for the sale of services, with the intention of providing users packages combining TV, mobile telephony and internet access, mainly in Romania and Belgium, group strategy chief Elie Girard says. The French group inspired from the arrangement the Verizon Wireless telephony operator has with the cable company Comcast in the USA, which enables the two to mutually sell each other services while keeping their respective brands, Bloomberg quotes Girard as saying, according to Mediafax. France Telecom is now looking for ways to expand into the increasingly appealing segment of service packages – a strategy its competitors in Europe also seem to be adopting, however without having to engage in any expensive acquisitions, France Telecom official says.
Romania and Belgium, where France Telecom only offers mobile telephony services, are the main candidates for this type of arrangement, he said. ‘If you look at the target market, you see it drops by several points every year. There is this idea of signing agreements. Look what Comcast and Verizon have done. One company needed mobile operations. The other one needed the landline service part, so they decided to cross-sell each other’s services’, Girard explained. As a matter of fact, Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao has also referred to the Comcast-Verizon partnership as a model for European telecom operators facing a price decline, adverse economic conditions and rejection or delay of acquisitions by regulatory authorities. Vodafone has agreements in place for common network access with Deutsche Telekom of Germany and Telefonica of Spain.

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