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June 21, 2021

Magistrates criticizes haste in Danilet case

The Association of Romanian Magistrates (AMR) claims that the haste with which the court solved judge Cristi Danilet’s case and decided to suspend the decision to revoke him from the position of member of the Superior Magistracy Council (CSM) raises question marks, asking for the reason that determined “extreme judiciary haste” to be made public. “It’s important to know whether the written procedure that precedes the trial, which entails minimum deadlines respected in the case of any other litigation, in line with the new civil procedure under whose incidence the cause was solved, was really followed,” an open letter written by AMR and quoted by Mediafax shows. According to the aforementioned source, AMR is publicly asking, “on behalf of all magistrates,” for the reason why the case of judge Cristi Danilet became an issue of “extreme judiciary urgency.” In the AMR representatives’ opinion, the case was solved urgently in order to prevent the association from filing a request for intervention in this case. “Even though Mr. Danilet Cristi Vasilica, fallen in the complete disgrace of those whom he claims he represented, chose a lightning-fast method to exit the crisis situation in which he stated he was, this will not win him any more respect from the magistrates that have already withdrawn their vote of confidence. He should known and he should have learned the fact that a magistrate’s prestige cannot be built on mechanisms that are not honorable for the profession, and the bridge he hopes he can rebuild towards the heart of the judiciary system no longer has any chance of becoming a reality,” the aforementioned document reads. AMR representatives claim that the same criticism is brought to judge Alina Ghica, who returned within the CSM after the Galati Court of Appeals suspended the decision that revoked her from the position of CSM member.

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