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November 29, 2022

Treaty of Trianon commemorated in Miercurea Ciuc

Sfantu Gheorghe Mayor Antal Arpad delivers pro-autonomy message.

Over 200 people participated in the commemoration of the Treaty of Trianon in Miercurea Ciuc on Tuesday, Mayor Raduly Robert Kalman saying that June 4 was just ‘another day when the fight of the Szekely for subsistence continued’. Sfantu Gheorghe Mayor Antal Arpad, also present at the event, said the autonomy of the Szekely Land was the only way in which Hungarians could feel comfortable in Romania. According to him, the 4th of June – the day when the Trianon Treaty was signed – is a day of mourning for the Hungarian nation.
The commemoration at Miercurea Ciuc began at the Gloria Victis statue in front of the Consulate General of Hungary in the Harghita capital city, where the members of the ‘Movement of Young people of 64 Counties’ (HVIM), of the ‘Young Hungarians of Transylvania’ (EMI) movement and of the ‘Youth Organisation of the Hungarian People’s Party of Transylvania (PMT) ‘MINTA’ gathered with black flags and the Arpadian flag belonging to the first dynasty of the Kingdom of Hungary.
They were joined by the Knights of the Brave Men Order, the hussars from the ‘Matyas’ Union from Ciucul de Jos and locals, including the Mayor of Miercurea Ciuc city, Raduly Robert Kalman.
After a moment of silence, the hussars saluted the two hundred participants and marched down to the city centre park, where the organisers and priests of the Hungarian historic Church gave speeches on the meaning of the Treaty of Trianon for Hungarians.
After the formal speeches, the participants sang the Szekely and the Hungarian anthems.
The representative of the ‘Movement of Young People of 64 Counties’(HVIM) – the Miercurea Ciuc organisation, Gereb Zoltan, said the Treaty of Trianon was one of the most ‘shameful’ moments in history, as well as ‘a tragedy for the Hungarian nation’.
The President of the Association of Former Political Prisoners of Harghita, Szilagyi Arpad, said the inhabitants of ‘Transylvania given to Romania’ were ‘Hungary’s orphans’.
‘Through the Treaty of Trianon, Transylvania was given to Romania and we feel like in a family where the parents have died and the children are in mourning. We are the orphans of Hungary, we have absolutely no reason to celebrate and be happy, it is a day of sadness for us’, said Szilagyi Arpad.
Miercurea Ciuc Mayor Raduly Robert Kalman in turn said June 4 was just another day when the Szekely’s fight for ‘subsistence’ continued.

Covasna: Two-metre Szekely flag displayed downtown Sfantu Gheorghe
A two-metre Szekely flag was displayed in the city centre of Sfantu Gheorghe on Tuesday, on the initiative of the local PCM organisation, and will stay their ‘indefinitely. The two-metre long and 1.12 metre wide Szekely flag was hoisted on PCM’s initiative in Sfantu Gheorghe, on a mast in the downtown Elisabeta Park.
PCM Sfantu Gheorghe leader Balint Jozsef told Mediafax that the Municipality had issued all the necessary authorisations for displaying the flag, which would stay in the city centre ‘on indefinite term’.
Sfantu Gheorghe Mayor Antal Arpad (UDMR), in his turn, said he did not know until when the authorisation was valid, but added that ‘any public area in the Szekely Land was appropriate for showing the Szekely flag’.

Hungarians Solidarity Fire lights up in several Harghita localities, on UDMR initiative
Also on Tuesday, the Solidarity Fire was lit up in 22 localities in Harghita County, the initiator – the territorial UDMR organisation – wishing to stress in that way that Hungarians were not giving up on academic education in their maternal language, do not want the separation of Szekely counties and claim the right to self-determination.
Despite the torrential rain, a few dozens people gathered Tuesday night at 9pm in front of the Miko Reinforced City in Miercurea Ciuc, where they lit up the Solidarity Fire, similar events being scheduled in 21 other localities in the county. Miercurea Ciuc Mayor Raduly Robert said it was a way of raising government awareness about the fact that the Szkely exist and fight for their rights.


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