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June 25, 2022

Wind energy producers slam energy legislation amendment

The Romanian Wind Energy Association (RWEA) considers that modifying the energy legislation through an emergency government ordinance (OUG) which postponed the offering of green certificates is illegal, European directives being infringed and the taxpayers will be at risk of paying hundreds of millions of Euros in damages if the state loses the litigations, Mediafax informs. “Consequently, the members of RWEA will call on the competent European and Romanian institutions to clarify this aspect. Based on their own business considerations they will decide on an individual basis whether they will file lawsuits against the Romanian state in international courts,” the association’s communiqué shows.
The government has decided to postpone, starting on July 1, the offering of a part of the green certificates to those investing in hydropower micro-plants, wind farms and solar power plants, the measure set to remain in force until March 2017 for hydro and solar power plants and until 2018 for wind farms. The postponement was decided through an emergency ordinance approved during Tuesday’s meeting.
In the initial draft the postponement of certificates for solar power plants and hydropower micro-plants was calculated until January 1, 2017. The date for wind power producers was January 1, 2018. The emergency ordinance modifies and completes law 220/2008 on the establishment of the system of promoting the production of energy from renewable sources.
“The very sad news is that if the state loses the litigations with investors the damages will be paid from the state budget, in other words every citizen will end up paying for the mistakes of the political class,” RWEA President Ionel David stated, being quoted in the communiqué. In the opinion of the producers and developers of wind power, the approval of an emergency ordinance in such conditions affects not only the sector with the most dynamic economic growth in the last two years but also the banking sector, to the extent in which most of these projects need consistent capital for development. Moreover, the government’s attitude creates a dangerous precedent in what concerns legislative stability in Romania. RWEA claims that in Romania the price of energy did not rise on the stock market in the first month of this year, on the contrary, it dropped by 40 per cent year-on-year.

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