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June 25, 2021

Antena TV Group Director Sorin Alexandrescu, released

The Director of Antena TV Group, Sorin Alexandrescu, has been released on bail in his blackmail case involving RCS&RDS Manager Ioan Bendei, the Bucharest Tribunal decided on Thursday, sustaining the defendant’s appeal against the remand order. The Court, however, enforced a ban for leaving the country for 30 days. During the appeal hearings, the National Anti-Corruption (DNA) prosecutors said the evidence in S. Alexandrescu’s case proved premeditation and criminal perseverance in connection with his blackmailing of Ioan Bendei and that the head of Antena TV Group had used his knowledge and position.
On the other hand, Alexandrescu’s lawyer pointed out that the evidence did not indicate a blackmail offence and that the subject of the crime was not his client, in which context he asked that he should be released.
According to Mediafax, S. Alexandrescu told the Court he held no position with Intact Publishing, as DNA prosecutors had erroneously claimed in their prosecution material, as he was CEO of Antena Group, the two companies being completely separate entities.
Alexandrescu pointed out that his clear intention in that case was to conduct a journalistic investigation starting from an agreement between SC Bodu SRL, Dumitru Dragomir’s company, and RCS&RDS. The head of Antena Group argued that, no matter the situation, he wanted to disclose the agreement to the public.
During the hearings, S. Alexandrescu admitted that the document signed by RCS&RDS and Bodu SRL had been given to him by an anonymous person.
Last Friday, the District 1 Court granted DNA’s proposal to arrest Alexandrescu for an initial period of 29 days on a blackmail charge.
According to DNA, from April 16 to May 24, Sorin Alexandrescu, CEO of Antena TV Group, threatened Ioan Bendei, Manager of RCS&RDS, that he would start a compromising media campaign against him unless he signed, on behalf of RCS&RDS, an agreement for the re-broadcasting and distribution via satellite of Antena TV Group programmes.

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