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October 24, 2021

Corlatean-Mohamed Morsi talks in Cairo

Foreign Minister met also with Egyptian counterpart, Kamel Amr.

Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean was received yesterday by the President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, on the occasion of the official visit he is making to Cairo, according to a press release posted on the Foreign Ministry website. According to the quoted source, the two officials recalled the very good traditional cooperation of the two countries over more than 100 years of diplomatic relations and expressed a mutual interest in giving them a new boost, also in the context offered by the European framework. The Romanian foreign minister handed the Egyptian president an invitation from president Traian Basescu to undertake an official visit to Bucharest, the invitation being accepted, in principle, with the date to be set via diplomatic channels. The two officials expressed their interest in capitalising on the good political relations in view of growing and diversifying economic cooperation and trade, also by fostering reciprocal investment and setting up joint ventures on third markets. For the same purpose a proposal to hold a large-scale economic forum in Bucharest, with the participation of recognised Egyptian companies, was agreed upon.
Also yesterday, Corlatean met with his Egyptian counterpart, Kamel Amr. The Romanian Minister expressed interest in enhancing the bilateral political dialogue, at high level, at governmental and parliamentary level, and invited his Egyptian counterpart to undertake an official visit to Romania. Corlatean reiterated Romania’s availability to further contribute to the process of democratization, of institution building and institutional reconstruction in Egypt, depending on the needs and specific requests of the Egyptian authorities.

The two sides hailed the progress made of late in the field of economic cooperation and commercial exchanges, which nearly doubled between 2010 and 2012, amounting last year to USD 537.59 million. The Romanian and Egyptian officials voiced their interest in further diversifying the bilateral commercial exchanges, also by arranging for sectorial partnerships in different fields, such as transports and transport infrastructure. They mentioned the possible role in this respect of the twinned port cities of Constanta and Alexandria. The Ministers agreed to revive the Joint Committee on Cooperation, by organizing a new meeting in the near future, in Bucharest, and inaugurating a Romanian-Egyptian Chamber of Commerce by the end of the year. The heads of the two states’ diplomacies agreed to boost cooperation in the fields of defence, home affairs, culture and health care, with special reference to initiating collaboration by granting assistance based on the Romanian expertise related to the SMURD emergency medical system. Moreover, starting from the traditions of training young Egyptians at Romanian educational institutions, the Ministers spoke in favour of developing cooperation between universities and further training Egyptian students in Romanian universities. The Ministers assessed the progress in point of bilateral agreements, and agreed to speed up the negotiation of still open documents and their signing during a future high-level visit. Between 6 and 8 June 2013, Titus Corlatean embarked on a tour to the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Kingdom of Morocco.

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