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January 17, 2022

GfK: Romanians, optimistic regarding economy, pessimistic about inflation

Indicators for family income and economic situation of the country give mild signs of recovery, according to the public confidence index measured by the Consumer Confidence Barometer conducted by GfK for the European Commission, a press release informs. If in April last year, almost 58% of respondents felt that their household’s financial situation was worse than in 2011, only 49% of Romanian think the same one year away, while 20% of them expect even their situation to improve and 41% to remain as it is today. 12 percent say that they live better than in April 2012.
Regarding the general economic situation of the country, the Romanians are more optimistic comparing with the previous years. Only two-thirds of them believe that the economy is not going well, while in April 2012 the percentage was higher by 8%. 47% of respondents do not see an improvement of the economic situation during the next period of time. There are still nearly 13 percent of them who hope for a recovery.
However, eight out of ten Romanians believe there is not a favorable time to put away, both now and during the next year. Therefore, the intention of purchasing durable goods is very low. Only 3% of them plan to buy or build a house in the following year and only 6% to purchase a car. These are some of the lowest rates recorded for these two indicators of the Consumer Confidence Barometer so far. A slightly higher number of respondents, almost 18%, still want to invest in home improvement works.
Romanians are not optimistic about inflation. Eight out of ten believe that prices were higher than a year ago, three quarters of them estimate that they will increase during 2013. People are also insecure when it is about the job stability: 68% believe that unemployment will rise this year, a slight decrease compared to April 2012, when 70% thought the same thing.

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