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September 20, 2021

Iohannis proposes German-type uninominal voting

He said he is not an advocate of pure uninominal vote. In her turn, PDL Deputy Elena Udrea said she’s in favour of a return to list voting.

National Liberal Party (PNL) First Vice-President Klaus Iohannis, told a press conference Thursday he is not “an advocate of pure uninominal voting”, as it doesn’t warrant proportional representation, adding he likes “nothing” about that system, and proposed the German-type uninominal voting  instead. “I, personally, dislike it. I’m not a fan of uninominal voting,” Iohannis said. Asked what it is he doesn’t like about it, he answered:  “Nothing”.
He said legislative elections must ensure proportional representation. “In my view, a pure uninominal does not warrant it, not even the uninominal in  effect fails doing it, with a pre-established number of MPs. Everybody knows what it led to: a mega-parliament which is not more efficient, obviously,” Iohannis said, who added that, in his views, which does not involve
PNL in any way, a German mixed uninominal voting would be the best solution available.
“One of the systems proposed by the German Forum – of which I continue being a member – is the German system that stipulates that each voter shall affix two rubber stamps: one on a name, the other, a party. It’s a mixed uninominal, it ensures, it also guarantees proportional representation of parties. It also ensures well-regarded politicians securing Parliament seats, as they receive a large number of votes,” Iohannis also said according to whom such mixed uninominal system “sets politicians in order within parties, too”.
Iohannis also said that a “very large majority is cumbersome”, and the Social Liberal Union (USL) has a current parliamentary majority of 70 pc doesn’t make it possible for “everything that the USL wants to be taken and voted on”.
Reacting to Iohannis’s pure uninominal statements, Democrat-Liberal Elena Udrea wrote on her blog that the Social Democratic Party(PSD)-proposed system is not a viable solution for Romania, and she is for a return to list voting. She reminds of her being one of the politicians who over time “steadfastly and even vehemently” endorsed the absolute majority uninominal vote alternative (two ballots, as proposed by Traian Basescu at the 2007 referendum), yet, she considers such uninominal “not suited for the political and social realities in today’s Romania”.
The PSD National Standing Bureau on Monday unanimously decided to endorse the reintroduction of the  Ponta-Antonescu pure uninominal law in relevant talks with USL partners, the party’s spokesman, Catalin Ivan, said on Monday.
The law was tabled to Parliament last year and declared unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court.

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