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June 26, 2022

Presidential commission to write agriculture report by June 30

President Traian Basescu said, at the Fundulea Agricultural Institute, that he was not against selling farmland to foreigners, but added that ‘we should sell foreigners as much land as others have sold to us’.

The president argued that the land, tourism and beauties of this country are the only assets that cannot be delocalised, HotNews.ro reports. ‘On the other hand, we – president, government, parliament – have the obligation to find solutions for Romanian farmers to be able to take loans under good conditions so that they can buy the land on the market’, the president added.
‘An automotive manufacturer is here today, possible in Morocco tomorrow. A factory producing any other sort of machine or textiles keep delocalising to the East. The only thing that cannot be delocalised is land. It is our guarantee for welfare, not just food. Land, agriculture, tourism, natural beauties of this country are things that cannot be delocalised (…) What God gave us cannot be delocalised. Only what’s made by human hand can’, said the president. On the other hand, the president said the presidential commission set up to develop the agricultural strategy of Romania until 2030 would finish its report on June 30. The report will be under public debate for the next 20 days. There are over 30 specialists from the Agricultural Academy as well as farmers working on the commission. Basescu further stressed. ‘It will be extremely important to have the agreement of all political forces. As we signed an agreement for the Education Law, all forces in Parliament should also sign an agreement for the Agriculture Law, based on that report by the presidential commission’, the president stressed. Traian Basescu added he hoped that the report would bring ‘a clear view of the evolution of Romanian agriculture in the next 15-20 years’.
‘In my view, the first emergency is that this strategy should give the government elements to prepare the national plan for rural development we need to show to the EC in view of financial allocations. I am convinced resources will be found for purchasing farming machines and equipment. Romania has a tractor to 57 hectares. Compared to the EU average of one tractor to  10-15 hectares. Clearly, Romanian agriculture is under-mechanised’, the president concluded.

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