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May 6, 2021

Romania promoted in subway stations in Russia, Germany, Austria and France

Romania will be promoted as a tourism destination in subway stations and on billboards in cities across several countries, including in Germany, Russia, France, Austria, Italy and Spain, Mirela Matichescu, Vice President of the National Tourism Authority (ANT), stated yesterday at a conference on fiscal issues organized by the National Association of Tourism Agencies (ANAT), Mediafax informs. “We are in the stage of requesting offers in everything that means external promotion campaign. We are talking about promotion at the subway, outdoor promotion in key points in countries such as Germany, Russia, France, Austria, Italy and Spain,” Matichescu stated. She pointed out that images with areas from Romania, including the Danube Delta and mountainous areas, will be promoted. Matichescu wants the billboards to be set up by the end of the summer.

Payment versus receipt
In other developments, the Finance Ministry will analyze the possibility that Romanians that eat at restaurants or use various types of services should not pay them unless they receive a receipt, Dan Manolescu, secretary of state within the ministry, stated at the event. “It’s a measure adopted in Greece, starting last year, through which citizens have the right not to pay unless they receive a receipt. The measure seems to be successful in Greece and is being analyzed,” Manolescu stated.
He stated that the Finance Ministry will analyze whether such a measure can be functional and can produce effects in Romania. The secretary of state said that in Greece the refusal to pay unless one receives a receipt does not refer solely to tourism but also to various types of purchases and services that entail a risk of tax evasion.
At the same time, the Federation of Tourism and Services Employers (FPTS) stated in a communiqué that mandatory fiscalization in the case of hotels and the 9 per cent VAT for all tourism services would spur correct industry practices and would separate good-will investors from tax dodgers. “These measures, which are being discussed at the Public Finance Ministry, should be applied as soon as possible in order to clean Romanian tourism of incorrect practices, but also in order to show businessmen that they are supported through relaxed fiscality,” FPTS points out.

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