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April 17, 2021

Basescu: In 2014, internet presidential campaign will be more efficient

It is not the first time when the head of state meets his Facebook fans, like he did on Friday in a Bucharest mall. Thus, this was the Head of State’s second meeting with his Facebook fans from the Facebook page dubbed “Alongside our president,” a meeting organized as part of the Interactive Central & Eastern Europe Festival 2013.
The President stated that in 2014 the presidential campaign will be crucial, while the campaigns on the internet will be more efficient than those on TV.
“In 2014 internet campaigns will be more efficient than TV campaigns. We are still behind, but I’m convinced that in 2014 the presidential campaign will be crucial. Who doesn’t have a powerful internet base will not communicate efficiently with the electorate,” the President said.
Traian Basescu also talked about e-commerce in Romania, stating that it will grow explosively in our country too, just like it did abroad.
“I categorically trust e-commerce, in 5-10 years’ time we will not even go to Carrefour anymore, we will even order tomatoes on the internet. Many times I noticed in those who sell on the internet a note of lack of seriousness in the sense that they do not announce the fact that they no longer have those products on stock. E-commerce will develop explosively in our country too. I bought products on the internet. My wife buys purses from time to time. I’m the adept of unlimited freedom of the internet. The pages that are made to look like my pages are easy to discover,” the President added.
At the same time, the Head of State pointed out that he is the adept of e-education.
“We need healthy education for each of us, each of us should be efficient and if each of us is efficient then society will be efficient too,” the Romanian President added.
The President also stated that he is against the regulation of the virtual space because in the virtual space information comes in its raw form. “In the virtual space information doesn’t go through a teleprompter reader. I’m against any regulation of the virtual space,” Basescu stated.
“For a politician Facebook is an unconventional means of communication. I feel good online because the kinds of reactions are spontaneous. At one point I asked myself whether I’m not too old for Facebook. But I thought about it and I told myself that I have the right to express myself in an environment in which I feel good,” the President stated.
Basescu also stated that in general everything on his personal Facebook page belongs to him. “The four young people I collaborate with are the exception. One of them is my daughter Ioana,” the President stated.
“I like Facebook because I can send messages to people and I have real-time feedback. I respect negative comments because these complete the picture. I like Facebook because things are measurable and you have the possibility of seeing what people like and dislike. I was never in favor of regulating press freedom,” he added.
Last but not least, the Head of State explained that he has reached a co-habitation agreement with Victor Ponta, stating that one of his girls reproached him for doing that and he apologized for the compromise made.
Traian Basescu also criticized the 30 per cent threshold envisaged by the parliament in view of referendums, saying he would challenge it. “I will react, it’s not long until I will have a tough reaction,” he said.

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