Diversity March 2013: Over 300 participants, no incident

A couple of hundred people representing the LGBT community attended the annual Diversity March on Saturday, a very noisy yet peaceful event. Participants also included members of the diplomatic corps of the UK, The Netherlands and the US.

Circa 300 people, members and supporters of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community took part in the Diversity March organized by the  ACCEPT Foundation on Saturday, asking for the new draft Constitution to no longer consider a family as only the consensual union of a man and a woman. Among the marching participants, the ambassadors of the UK and The Netherlands and the US charge d’affaires, as well as people from Brazil, Italy and Germany, who wished to show their support for the LGBT community. The parade took place without incidents.
From security reasons, this year’s march unfolded along a less populated route, namely from the Arch of Triumph – Kiseleff Express Road – Victoria Square.
The route was protected by an impressive security contingent including specially-trained dogs and mounted gendarmes who blocked the streets near the Kiseleff Express Road.
As in previous years, participants were dressed in outfits strong in color, wore unusual hairdos and danced continuously to the sound of pop and techno music from speakers put at full blast, as well as placards containing slogans such as “Hate is Not Normal”, “Labels are for clothes, not people” and “Love is not a crime”.
The parade being attended by two MEPs – British Michael Cashman (the Group of Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament) and Austrian Ulrike Lunacek  (The Greens Group/ Free European Alliance) – accompanied by Romanian Deputy  Remus Cernea and ACCEPT Director Florin Buhuceanu was the novelty of this year’s event.
Before the parade got started, they voiced their disagreement over Romania’s new draft constitutional amendment on marriage only being the union of “a man and a woman”, saying it encroaches on the European legislation.
“We organized this impromptu conference to signal out concern about the constitutional amendment proposed recently that defines family life and is directly related to marriage. Practically, it proposes that any other family that is not the result of marriage is outside constitutional protection, which is worrying,” Florin Buhuceanu said.
“We are here in sign of solidarity with ACCEPT and for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people and their families. We must respect the fact that families can be diverse and different, and what binds them s the concept of love. It is clear that discrimination shall be banned from the Constitution and this country’s laws. Also, we must be careful to hatred-motivated crimes and discourses. Discrimination against the LGBT people is on the rise throughout Europe,” Michael Cashman said.

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