PM Ponta goes to Berlin in order to “defreeze” the relations

Premier Victor Ponta said that the visit he will pay to Germany today and tomorrow, where he will meet Chancellor Angela Merkel, is meant to bring bilateral relations at the previous level, as they suffered “a period of freezing” following the political crisis of last year.
“Certainly, the visit to Germany has as purpose a return of bilateral relations to a level that existed the past years and which last year, in 2012, following the political crisis in Romania, suffered a period of freezing, if I may say so. This is the main purpose. But if we speak of public policies at national and European level, things are in a continuous evolution and are not divided in black and white, who is with the socialists and who is with the Christian-democrats. Actually I participated several weeks ago in an event that, at least for me, was the most spectacular political event of my career: 150 years from the founding of the SPD, attended by the chancellor! It was for me an extraordinary lesson of high-level politics,” Ponta said in an interview granted to Deutsche Welle.
He explained that he wants Romania to once again have a strategic partnership with Germany and he will assure Berlin, as he did with Brussels, of the fact that, beyond the internal political battles, his “absolute and real” conviction is that Romania’s way – in which he may or may not occupy the place of prime minister – is European and trans-Atlantic.
“I want to encourage the continuing of German investments in Romania and say that Romania, now having political stability, is once again an essential partner for Germany in the region. And when I speak about region I refer to Moldova, I refer to the Western Balkans, I refer to everything we have around us,” Ponta completed.
The head of the government appreciated that Romania should coordinate itself with Germany with regard to economic and social policies at European level.
The premier added that he supports the formula of the “United States of Europe” adopted by President Basescu and that this is the project “every politician with vision” must support. Ponta also said that he agreed with both the perspective of President Basescu and with that of Poland regarding the adoption of the EUR and considers that Romania should be structurally prepared for this objective in 2017-2018.
Not least, the ambassador of Germany in Bucharest, Andreas von Mettenheim said on Saturday that the visit paid by Ponta to his country is very important.
On the other hand, on the eve of the above mentioned visit, the German minister of Interior, Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU), who several months ago spoke in favour of rapid measures against the Romanians and Bulgarians that abuse the social system of Germany, sparking many comments pro and against, now makes new threats. He threatened to expel the “immigrants of poverty” from Romania and Bulgaria.

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