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May 9, 2021

Ponta and Blair dined together in Bucharest

Premier Victor Ponta and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair who was visiting Bucharest had dinner together at a restaurant near the PSD headquarters Sunday evening. After their meal, Ponta said he and Blair had discussed developments in Europe and had also received a lot of good advice from him. ‘Mr. Blair was headed to Israel, Jerusalem, and stopped in Bucharest. We had dinner and talked about what would happen or what he thought would happen in Europe. I also told him about my visit to Germany tomorrow, what had been discussed on the European Council and he is definitely someone I have a lot to learn from. Even if he is now an ex-PM, he is a very big ex-PM of a major country with a political culture from which we have a lot to learn’, Mediafax quoted Ponta as having said. He added that Tony Blair continued to be his political role model especially after the amount of good advice he had got from him Sunday night. Ponta further noted he and Blair had had a meal as quiet as it could be’ because there was also a wedding party going on in that restaurant and the bride and groom wanted to take photos with his guest.

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