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March 24, 2023

Ponta: 85 pc tax at commissions that made up Financial Supervision Authority

The 85 per cent tax on severance sums will only apply to former members of the commissions ASF was made up of, not in the private sector as well, PM Victor Ponta says, adding that Ionel Blanculescu, his adviser who had spoken on the subject, was unaware of what had been adopted by the Government, Mediafax notes. ‘If, For example, we give severance packages at Olchim, we are not going to tax them with 85 per cent’, Ponta said from Germany.
Warned by the journalists that the provision on the 85 per cent tax was mentioned in a distinct section of the emergency ordinance adopted by the Government, and that it only refers to a derogation from the Fiscal Code, not to the Financial Supervision Authority, the premier answered that the entire ordinance was about ASF. ‘That was our intention and that’s what we are going to apply’, Ponta added. He further said the Government was trying, with its ordinance, to penalise ‘what can still be penalised’, since three former members of the Insurance Supervision Commission had already cashed their severance payments a day before the adoption of the new ordinance.
On a distinct note, the Parliament will sit in joint session in a week’s time to vote for the new ASF leadership, the heads of the two chambers decided on Tuesday.
Early yesterday, the economic advisor of the premier, Ionel Blanculescu considers that taxing by 85 pc the compensatory sums paid to board members is normal, because there is much “indecency” in the private environment, he said on Realitatea TV. The advisor added that the  rule is conform to those enforced in Europe and the private environment, same as the state one, will thus be more careful with the people it hires, in order to avoid the situations where the managers sent “for recycling” can “leave by the back door” with millions of EUR.

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