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February 9, 2023

Storm black report: 3 dead, flooded homes, tens of hectares of crops under water

Hydrologists extended yellow warning for floods until Friday at 16.00.

The storms and flooding continue to ravage the country. Three people have been killed in Iasi in the last 48 hours, being carried away by the flush floods, realitatea.net informs. The source says a 65 year old man from Iasi County was taken by the waters and found dead in a ditch in the village of Bohotin. Also in Iasi, the bodies of the 3 year old who had been taken by the flush flood Tuesday night, and of his grandfather were found. The two were caught by the floods in the yard of their home. The body of the man was found last night, at almost 1 km from the house. The rain and hailstone also caused havoc in a few Suceava County localities and in the commune of Dragodana (Dambovita County), in the Picior de Munte village. The bad weather also laid waste in the Constanta commune of Pestera, where a flush flood measuring up to two metres in height in some places swept everything that stood in its way. A total of 60 households were affected. The famous park in the centre of the commune, visited by President Traian Basescu a month ago, was also hit. The locals received the warning 20 minutes prior to the flush flood, so they had time to take their animals up on the hills. The damage report amounts to tens of thousand of lei.
Hydrologists extended yellow warning for floods until Friday at 16.00.
The sky also broke in Bucharest Wednesday night, when the torrential rain and the storm uprooted several; trees. In many parts of the city the trees fell on cars or blocked entrances to apartment buildings, such as in the Titan neighbourhood. No one was hurt, but the locals were very scared. The authorities worked for over an hour trying to cut off the branches and lift the tree. Also in District 3 a street was flooded and the locals say the same thing happens whenever it rains.
Interior Minister: Nine counties affected by flooding
Nine counties are affected by flooding, while 20 localities are flooded in Galati (eastern Romania), the water also affecting 30 household annexes in Salaj County (north-western Romania), according to the latest data Interior Ministry (MAI) officials remitted to Agerpres on Thursday. The counties affected by flooding are: Alba (Central Romania), Arges (southern Romania), Bacau (eastern Romania), Bihor (western Romania), Dambovita (southern Romania), Galati, Iasi (eastern Romania), Salaj and Vrancea (eastern Romania).
The MAI employees, through representatives of the Inspectorates for Emergency Situations (ISU) act to solve the situations in 28 localities, most interventions being conducted in Salaj and Iasi. Following the heavy rains, several drink water sources were affected, the authorities intervening with motor-pumps to get the water out of the fountains. Such situations occurred in Salaj, Alba and Bacau. According to the MAI officials, the flooding also affected two county roads, in Iasi and Arges, though, without stopping traffic, and seven communal roads, in Vrancea, Bihor and Salaj, where traffic is heavy. At the same time, ISU Bacau employees intervened in Padul Trucului area, affected by floods.

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