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August 15, 2022

MEP Cristian Busoi, the new president of CNAS

Doru Badescu resigned Thursday from the position of House president over the row related
to the nomination of Lucian Duta in the CA of CNAS.

As of Friday, PNL EuroDeputy Cristian Busoi is the new president of the National House of Health Insurances (CNAS), as appointed by PM Victor Ponta. Busoi is a graduate of a medical university and also a law school, with a Ph.D. in public health and sanitary management. He replaces former CNAS president Doru Badescu, who resigned the previous day following the row caused by his statements about the nomination of Lucian Duta to the Administration Board (CA) of CNAS. Premier Victor Ponta explained Thursday evening on B1 TV that Badescu submitted his resignation after a discussion referring to the wrong reaction towards the nomination of Lucian Duta to the Administration Board of CNAS. “He was the president of the House, today we sorted things out. First, Mr. Duta is not a Board member. The Presidential Administration did not sign any decree and this was a personal action of a presidential aide, a friend of Mr. Duta. Hence, the reaction of Mr. Badescu, set aside the terms he used, which were not alright, was obviously a wrong reaction, so we discussed, he submitted his resignation and tomorrow I will propose Mr. Cristian Busoi, a member of the European Parliament, as president of CNAS,” Ponta said Thursday on the aforementioned TV channel.
President Traian Basescu designated Lucian Duta, a former CNAS president himself, in the Board of the House, as representative of the Presidential Administration, in a nomination letter issued on June 10. The leadership of CNAS announced that appointing Lucian Duta to the Board of the institution is “a blunder” of the Presidential Administration, “specific to mafia-like organisations” and threatened that the CA will not meet until the withdrawal of its controversial member. President Traian Basescu has not issued so far any decree for the nomination in the CNAS Board of someone to replace Monica Pop, presidential spokesman Bogdan Oprea stated Sunday afternoon. He added that Virgil Paunescu, the presidential aide who coordinates the Public Health Department of the Cotroceni Palace and who allegedly sent the nomination of Duta in the CNAS “did not submit his resignation, nor was he asked to do so.”

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