Arsene, CEO Agricover: Agricultural production at least 20-25 pc better in 2013

Romanian agriculture is made up of two distinct segments – a subsistence one with a more social than economic role and low productivity and a professional one with high productivity. For this reason, addressing the sector as a unitary whole does not return a faithful image of the situation, Agricover CEO Robert Arsene told Bursa newspaper. He expects the weight of subsistence agriculture to drop as the young rural population migrates to urban areas, but that will happen rather slowly. Despite the recent flooding in Europe, including Romania, the CEO of Agricover keeps his optimism up: ‘I say 2012 was unjustly called a poor agricultural year. (…) Last year, despite the drought that hit Romania, we did generate a production of 14.5 M tons agricultural products. (…) The year 2013 raises a few concerns regarding the drought last autumn as well as the absence of rain in March and April. However, most of that water deficit was recovered in many regions of the country and autumn crops look well and very well. The fact that there were areas affected by floods and storms has been also augmented by the media. We estimate an agriculture production this year at least 20-25 per cent better than last year,’ Arsene said.  Irrigations could contribute to a better performance of Romanian agriculture, but the absence of subsidies for water makes it too expensive for many farmers, Robert Arsene warns. He recommends sustainable farming that keeps the water in the soil for longer periods. ‘It is not the subsidies that necessarily determine the performance of agriculture, but the adoption of consistent measures dealing with legislative inconsequence in the fiscal, transport, storage facility and market information access areas,’ Arsene further noted.

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