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August 9, 2022

ICR President Andrei Marga resigns

Marga filed his resignation after the Senate’s commissions on culture and foreign policy asked yesterday for him to be revoked from office.

In the communiqué remitted to Mediafax, Marga states that he has been subjected to defamations “characteristic of a primitive understanding of politics” ever since he was appointed head of the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR), on September 11, 2012. He also claims that since he was appointed President of ICR the Institute “changed for the better.” Marga added that since he has been leading the ICR the institute “entered a new interaction with the economic environment, with the personalities and the institutes in the country” and “returned to the thrifty use of resources.”

Likewise, the ICR’s resigning director states he continuously faced at least three impediments: legislation, budget restrictions and the suffocating red tape of permits.
Georgica Severin (PSD), the chairman of the Senate’s commission on culture, announced yesterday that the two commissions jointly analyzed the ICR’s 2012 review and 2012 financial account and noticed that “for the first time an institution that is under the Senate’s authority did not respect the law.” “Consequently, we have put up for vote the proposal that, in order to avoid such situations, the ICR’s operative leadership, namely ICR President Andrei Marga and the two Vice Presidents (Horia Garbea and Vladimir Simon – editor’s note), should be sacked. This proposal was adopted with a wide majority, 11 votes in favor and 4 against,” the chairman of the commission stated for Mediafax. Severin stated that the ICR did not file its activity review and budget execution account for 2012 before the legal deadline expired. He pointed out that the President of the ICR instead filed to the Senate a document that contained data concerning Q1 of 2013. Also yesterday, the Senate’s budget-finances commission sent a note to the Senate’s Permanent Bureau, pointing out that the ICR did not fulfill its legal obligation in what concerns the filing of the yearly report and budget execution account for 2012.
The Senate commissions’ decision comes after Premier Victor Ponta (PSD) asked the Culture and Foreign Affairs Ministers last week to analyze, jointly with the members of the Senate’s special commissions, the activity of the ICR and to propose measures, including political measures, because “things are not going very well” within the institution. Also last week, Cosmin Nicula (PSD), the chairman of the Senate’s budget-finances commission, stated for Mediafax that ICR President Andrei Marga filed an incomplete 2012 activity review, calling the document “a rough draft.” In reply, Marga pointed out that the report filed at the Senate contains all information concerning 2012, including the period in which he did not lead the institution, as well as data concerning Q1 of 2013.
In an interview published yesterday by Gandul.info, Andrei Marga expressed his opinion that the Romanian Cultural Institute cannot be reproached with anything and pointed the finger at the Foreign Affairs Ministry led by Social-Democrat Titus Corlatean who, in his opinion, is acting with “enormous slowness” when it comes to issuing permits, “dysfunctionalities that (…) definitely create handicaps” for Romania. Andrei Marga, supported by PNL at the leadership of the ICR, “suspects” that a series of changes made at the leadership level of the institute’s branches abroad “sparked discussions” and could be at the source of the criticism levied against him. In his opinion nobody can reproach the institution he leads with anything. The institute’s former leadership resigned after ICR was transferred under the Senate’s authority. The ICR had previously been under the Presidency’s authority.

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