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October 6, 2022

Marubeni and ELCEN to build fast start-up power plant in Mures County

Thermal power producer Electrocentrale Bucharest (ELCEN) and Japan’s Marubeni Corporation signed yesterday a Memorandum of Understanding for the construction of a fast start-up power plant at Fantanele – Mures County (northwest of Bucharest), with an installed capacity of 250 MW. The investment is worth a total of 150 million euros, Agerpres reports. ‘This is the project of an independent energy producer and we believe it will make a substantial contribution to the stability of the national power system. Building a fast start-up power plant – in this particular case, with 7-10 minutes to go – is necessary for balancing the national energy system. This is the main reason why we intend to make this investment of EUR 150 M, which provides the installation of aero-derivative gas turbine groups, with fast start-up and capable to load in such way as to ensure the fast-response tertiary reserve for the national energy system, as well as other system services and parameters, such as secondary control, power and frequency. This is a new type capacity for our society, which operates an installed capacity of 1,300 MW,’ said ELCEN general manager Dan Stefan Cetacli. Attending the event, Minister-delegate for Energy Constantin Nita said that he has lately looked into ways to attract new investments.

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