Romanian-Russian cooperation memorandum on security signed

President Traian Basescu said that the memorandum will open up an avenue for cooperation between the security and police structures of Romania and the Russian Federation.

President Traian Basescu said on Monday, in a press statement, that the main objective of the presence in Bucharest at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace of Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Nikolai Platonovich Patrushev, was the signing of a memorandum concerning cooperation between the Security Council of the Russian Federation and Romania’s Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT), Agerpres informs.
The President said that the memorandum includes cooperation in the fight against terrorism, an issue that is of maximum interest for us especially since the end of the ISAF mission in Afghanistan is approaching. Other issues included in the memorandum consist of the fight against cross-border crime, human trafficking, drug trafficking, money laundering, economic criminality and cyber crimes. “These were the goals adopted as part of the memorandum, goals that the Supreme Defense Council assimilates, and each institution will work on this issue with its Russian counterpart,” Basescu stated, Mediafax informs.
On the other hand, the President said that he talked with Patrushev about the anti-missile system, the Romanian head of state underscoring that Romania would never accept other states’ offensive arms on its territory. “The anti-missile system was one of the topics discussed, as I mentioned one more time that the anti-missile system of Romania was not pointed against the Russian Federation. Romania would never accept other states’ offensive arms on its territory”, Basescu.
Asked if he received an invitation to visit Russian Federation, he head of the state said that he received no invitation to visit Russia, insisting that steps forward are being taken in the political relationship between Romania and Russia. In the context, he said Romania’s Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean will go to Russia next week. “I believe there are steps forward even in the political cooperation with Russia, not just economic cooperation,” said Basescu.
Other decisions adopted by CSAT
On the other hand, the Head of State announced that the Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) decided on Monday evening that the number of soldiers that can be deployed to operational theatres in 2014 stands at 3,039, down by 351 compared to 2013. He pointed out that the deployable soldiers fall in two categories: “1,364 soldiers will be deployed to operational theatres, bearing in mind the reduction of our participation in Afghanistan, and 1,675 will remain at our disposal and can be deployed when ordered if such a decision is taken within NATO or the European Union.” Likewise, the Interior Ministry (MAI) will have at its disposal 1,089 gendarmes and police officers that it can use for UN, NATO, EU or OSCE missions that entail the participation of gendarmerie and police structures.
At the same time, Basescu stated that during the CSAT meeting it was decided that the government should present in the third quarter of this year a strategy on revitalizing certain sections of the defense industry, sectors for which budget resources will be earmarked in 2015. He pointed out that the Army’s procurement plan for 2013-2022 was also approved during the CSAT meeting. Asked whether the Ministry of Defence has presented a memorandum on the stage of the negotiations on purchasing F-16 multirole fighters from Portugal, the President answered negatively. “That’s something else, the commercial aspect is not CSAT’s problem. Not in what concerns the railway or the fighter jets or… CSAT notes certain procurement needs or in CFR’s case it notes the government’s decision to privatize it and makes sure the national security needs are covered. At what cost, in what conditions, this is the government’s problem, CSAT does not have prerogatives to discuss the commercial aspect,” he stated. According to the Head of State, the Defence’s White Book was adopted during the CSAT meeting and will be sent to the Romanian Parliament for analysis and approval.

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