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September 15, 2019

Steve Vai will feature in “The New Frontier of Success Intelligence”

Well-known guitar player Steve Vai, to give a live concert in Bucharest, June 25, will feature in “The New Frontier of Success Intelligence”, a film presenting the role models of the world’s best achievers in fields ranging from science to art and explaining how they could be used in the life of each and every one of us, how they managed to send men on the moon, robots on Mars inspire generations thru their music, change the lives of millions thru their books and how we could apply those ideas in our lives to build the vision we truly want.  According to the Star Management press release, during the interview granted by Steve Vai while in Bucharest, the guitarist extraordinaire said that his interview to The New Frontier of Success Intelligence is the kind of project he likes best to get involved with, and that, since, we are in the middle of a global transformation at the level of our own conscience as a species and of our abilities to do positive and creative things and this project has an inspiring potential in that direction.
Other personalities appearing in the film include Peter Diamandis – President & CEO X-PRIZE Foundation, Gregg Braden – New York Times Bestselling Author, Dr. Ed Hoffman – NASA Director of the NASA Academy of Program/Project and Engineering Leadership, Dr. Scott Hubbard – Professor at Stanford University, Dr. Charles Pellerin – NASA Director that led the team that made the Hubble telescope, Dr. Thomas Reiter – Director European Space Agency, Howard Martin – Vice President HeartMath, Robert Richards – Founder of International Space University, Dr. Johann Worner – President DLR German Aerospace Center, Dr. Walter Scott – Founder, CTO DigitalGlobe, Dr. Chiaki Mukai – Director, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Dr. Dumitru Prunariu, Romania’s only cosmonaut.
Steve Vai met with Dragos Bratasanu (a Romanian researcher) while the master guitarist was in Romania for rehearsals with Evolution Tempo Orchestra, in preparation for Vai’s European tour June 6-25, to wrap up with a concert at  Bucharest Roman Arenas June 25. The two spent two hours discussing about the power of the mind and the heart to crate the world we live in and about how to use to control our mind as to become a “tool with which to build what we want, instead of being a chain that keeps us tied up ”.
Fascinated by the novel’s plot, at the end of the interview, the two changed roles, with Steve becoming the interviewer, capacity in which he asked Dragos Bratasanu to briefly explain how he applied the lessons learned to his three expeditions. When hardly 25 years of age, Dragos travelled to Antarctica, then to Svalbard, an island near the North Pole, and at the age of 26 he became the engineer of the first Romanian simulation mission for Planet Mars at a research base in the Utah desert. Dragos recounted the trip to Antarctica, where he was invited to deliver a presentation on climate changes. From southern Argentina he flew to the North Pole where he spent two weeks during the Polar Night. After he completed the expeditions, he published two articles in the National Geographic magazine. “Success means pursuing and fulfilling your own goal in life, which comes from within us. If every moment you do what you like, if you joyously and whole heartedly immerse yourself in what you are doing, you reach your goal moment by moment,” Dragos Bratasanu said, in whose view, failure only becomes failure if our mind accepts it as such. By the same token, failure turns into success if you look at it as a new stage, a new step that takes us higher, closer to our desired goal, whatever that may be.

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