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August 8, 2022

Conservatives parts ways with the Liberals, stay in USL

Change of situation in USL. Unhappy with the fact that the protocol governing their alliance with PNL (Centre-Right Alliance) is not working, the Conservatives said yesterday they would, from now on, be a member of USL as a distinct party that would defend its positions independently of PNL. The announcement was made by PC spokesman Bogdan Ciuca after the meeting of the Executive Bureau of the party. ‘The protocol with ACD doesn’t physically function. There haven’t been many local or national meetings. It doesn’t mean we have a problem with USL, USL continues to be PC’s dearest project and we believe it to be PC’s most important victory, next to PSD and PNL. Since there haven’t been many such meetings, we want to make known that all PC’s positions from now on will be PC’s and all PNL’s positions will be PNL’s. (…) We do not seek a break-up or a defection’, Mediafax quotes Ciuca as having said. He noted that PC was making the announcement in order not to be asked all the time if a PC project or initiative has been discussed in ACD. ‘We have discussed it, but we haven’t met and the protocol isn’t physically working because of the government or local problems. We have good relations, but it doesn’t work’, explained the Conservative.
According to Ciuca, PC President Daniel Constantin wrote to PNL President Crin Antonescu two months ago, asking to meet in order to assess options. The PC spokesman added that the ACD protocol states PC and PNL are to meet twice a month, and that has not happened. He also said it was not a reproach to PNL, but ‘a friendly acknowledgement’ of the situation. ‘We are not undoing or terminating anything. We are just telling you that all ‘our positions from now on and all our initiatives will be PC’s. It is normal to be like that in relation with PSD and PNL’, Ciuca said, pointing out that any common objectives would be discussed in USL. Asked whether PC was going to draw closer to PSD instead, the PC official gave a negative answer: ‘We do not intend to take distance or get close to anyone. We are three parties that founded this USL. We continue to support USL, but we simply wish to develop ourselves also by messages we can send in our own right’. Asked about PC’s participation in the European Parliament election with its own lists of candidates, Ciuca said the Conservatives has already started a local structuring campaign, pending a decision on the European parliamentary election.
PNL spokesman Mihai Voicu told Mediafax PC’s discontentment regarding the activity of ACD could be clarified by PNL-PC talks, adding that relations were at least normal and the Conservatives had no restriction for having their own candidates for the European Parliament if they so wished. ‘As far as we are concerned, political relations have always been and are at least normal, if not friendly. Of course that, at this point, ACD operates politically in USL and perhaps from that point of view the major weight has, indeed, fallen on the activity of the Social Liberal Union, but I am convinced that talks between the political leaders could clarify all questions that may exist’, Voicu said.

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