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February 4, 2023

Poll: One Romanian in three believes USL will fall apart

According to a poll ordered by ‘Adevarul’ daily and conducted by INSCOP Research, 37.6 per cent of respondents believe that the tensions within the Social Liberal Union will result in the alliance’s breakup. Of the Romanians that believe USL will break up at one point (37.6 per cent), either before or after the Presidential elections of 2014, or before the general elections of 2016, 60.7 per cent consider that PSD will remain in government in case the alliance breaks up. Only 19 per cent of the 37.6 per cent believe PNL will remain in government, the poll shows. The poll was conducted from May 28 to June 3.
Although the differences of opinions within USL are well known, only two thirds of Romanians (66.9 per cent) have heard of the conflicts provoked by contradictory public statements made by PNL and PSD representatives. Of the Romanians that did not hear of these tensions (33.1 per cent), most are probably less interested in politics and have poor access to mass-media.
Asked about the hypothesis of a breakup within USL, a scenario frequently invoked by the opposition, 26 per cent of respondents consider that the alliance will break up. 21 per cent of Romanians state that USL will break up before the 2014 presidential elections. Likewise, 12.4 per cent of Romanians believe USL will break up immediately after the 2014 presidential elections, while 4.2 per cent of respondents believe USL will break up before the 2016 general elections. Many respondents (36.4 per cent) have chosen the options “I don’t know” or “I won’t answer” when asked this question, which shows that over a third of Romanians are either not interested or lack sufficient data to express an opinion.
Last but not least, if general elections were to take place next Sunday, 58.8 per cent of Romanians would vote for USL. The score obtained by USL however is slightly dropping compared to previous months (59.7 per cent in April, 60.1 per cent in March). USL is followed by PDL, whose candidates would be voted by 15.6 per cent of Romanians (15.2 per cent in April and 14.1 per cent in March). The Dan Diaconescu People’s Party would be third with 8.1 per cent of the votes (8.2 per cent in April and 9 per cent in March).

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