Most surviving Montenegro crash victims still in intensive care

While in a relatively good and stable condition, most surviving victims of the bus crash in Montenegro are still in intensive care, one in very precarious state.
The four women presented with fractures to the Bagdasar-Arseni Hospital are in good condition but will be kept in intensive care until Monday, hospital spokesman Dr. Florian Bica said on Thursday. ‘They are kept under permanent monitoring’, the hospital official added, also noting that a discharge was out of the question anytime sooner than Monday. The patients also received counselling from psychologists sent over by the Ministry of Health, who also talked to their families, Dr. Bica further said.
Six of the injured admitted to the Bucharest Floreasca Hospital after the Montenegro accident are also in intensive care, in serious, yet sable condition, one in an exceptionally bad state, Dr. Raluca Moldoveanu said on Thursday. The hospital official said two other victims were in post-operative care, at the Surgery Clinic. ‘They are balanced and their vital functions are normal’, said the doctor. Two other victims brought to Floreasca Hospital are on the Orthopaedic Ward, one with good post-operative evolution and one pending orthopaedic surgery on Saturday. Dr. Moldoveanu added that the condition of the victims brought to Floreasca Hospital had not deteriorates since admission and stressed she could not disclose any further information as the families opposed ‘a personalisation of the case’.
Not least, five of the injured might be discharged from the Bucharest University Hospital beginning on Friday. On the other hand, those still in intensive care are critical, hospital spokesman Dr. Leo Grecescu said on Thursday. The five who may be discharged are on the plastic surgery (three), orthopaedics (one) and thorax surgery (one) wards and are in good condition, doctors say.
The Romanian Embassy to Podgorica has opened a condolence book for the victims of the Sunday bus crash where 18 perished and 29 sustained injuries, according to the web—based edition of Vijesti daily.

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