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September 23, 2020

“Canada – Romania relation has grown and strengthened”

By  H.E. Philippe Beaulne, Ambassador of Canada to Bucharest

“Today, Canadians and friends of Canada in Romania and all over the world gather together to celebrate Canada’s history, identity and achievements.
Since a Confederation of four Canadian provinces back in 1867, Canada has grown and matured while remaining true to its history, its distinctive character and its values.
We are now a world economic leader, a member of the G8 and G20. A highly educated workforce has helped us build one of the most innovative and productive economies in the world. We continue to seek out new markets while deepening existing trade and investment ties.
Canada protects the basic rights of all its citizens, defends the defenceless and gives a voice to the voiceless.
In Canada, the rule of law, good governance and respect for human rights offer opportunity for prosperity and expression. That is why we are consistently one of the world’s favourite destinations for immigration. Today, a mosaic of communities from more than 200 countries contributes to our diversity and is a source of one of our greatest strengths.
In this context, I would like to note the important contribution of the Romanian community in Canada, which is estimated at 200,000. Cities like Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are home to important Romanian communities. Their interaction with their country of origin provides a vital link between our two countries and further deepens and strengthens our bilateral ties.
Diplomatic relations between Canada and Romania can be traced back to 1919 when Romania established a consulate in Montreal. Since then, the links between our two countries have grown and strengthened. Canada continues to value its close and ongoing cooperation with Romania in many fields, bilaterally and multilaterally.
Our shared values have laid a solid basis for our continued cooperation in multilateral organizations such the United Nations, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, la Francophonie and others.
Canada and Romania are both very active members of La Francophonie and, as the personal representative of the Canadian Prime Minister for La Francophonie, I could always count on the support and cooperation of my Romanian colleagues. Romania is now seen as ‘a flag-ship country of La Francophonie’ in Central and Eastern Europe, and remains an unfailing contributor to the promotion of the organization’s shared values. I would also like to point out that Bucharest remains the only European capital city with a square dedicated to La Francophonie.
Diplomatic relations and meetings among governments is not an end in itself. Diplomacy smooth’s the path for private traders, investors, and personal contacts among citizens.
Dry statistics do not adequately describe our commercial relationship. Private investors and traders bring their assets and expertise that build both countries. Examples include the Canadian companies that sponsor this evening’s event. These investors are well known in Romania, they are well respected corporate citizens in the counties and towns where they are located. I thank these companies for their support and, if you do not know them, I encourage you to try to meet their representatives here tonight.
Some are large multinational companies while others are small or medium size enterprises, but, regardless of their size, they are all committed to building a better and more prosperous Romanian society. Our Embassy here and the Romanian Embassy and Trade offices in Canada are committed to encouraging more trade and investment in goods and services.
A special emphasis in the last year with many new partnerships is the information technology area. Canada actively supports bilateral science and technology arrangements with our key partners, in the understanding that research and development leads to new discoveries that contribute to improving all of our lives.
We are actively pursuing new trade pacts with the European Union and others. We share the conviction with Romania that freer trade will bring even more economic opportunities and will have a positive impact on the pace of our bilateral relations.
My family and I are coming to the end of our stay in Romania. We have enjoyed tremendously our stay. We have discovered a country with rich traditions and beautiful landscapes. Romania has gone through important changes in the last two decades, not enough for some but, most important, I believe it has a promising future. I discovered the liveliness of Romanian politics and the passionate side of Romanians. We have appreciated living in Bucharest, a city of contrasts, a vibrant city, often underestimated. But most important we have made good friends.
Let me sum up by expressing my sincere appreciation to all of you here today and to those who worked so hard to make this event happen – both sponsors, as well as my colleagues in the Embassy – and to invite you all, friends of Canada, to join us in our celebration!
Happy Canada Day!”

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