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June 28, 2022

Cristian Cioaca gets 22-year prison sentence for killing Elodia Ghinescu

Cristian Cioaca, a former policeman charged with murdering his wife, lawyer Elodia Ghinescu, was sentenced to 22 years in prison on Tuesday. The Arges Tribunal ruling is challengeable on appeal.
Cioaca was convicted to 22 years in prison, namely 21 years for murder, and an extra year, as well as two years for grave desecration. Judges also ruled the defendant shall pay the Ghinescu family damages worth 250,000 euro. Prosecutors and the lawyer for the Ghinescu family demanded that the court sentenced the former police to life in prison. After the verdict, Crina Radu, a lawyer for the Ghinescu Family, called the ruling as much too lenient, and added that her client could file an appeal against the sentence. The victim’s mother, Emilia Ghinescu, told Mediafax she expected judges to hand down a “harsher” sentence, saying her former son-in-law deserved life in prison.
Cristian Cioaca have been remanded since December 5, 2012 and detained at the Colibasi Penitentiary since January 30, when Supreme Court prosecutors indicted him in court on charges of aggravated murder and grave desecration, more than five years after his wife, layer Elodia Ghinescu, disappeared. The indictment showed that on the night of August 29 into August 30,  2007, “amid some previous conflict relations over an imminent divorce generated by supposed extramarital affairs committed by both spouses, talks carried by the two in the bedroom heated up, with Cristian Cioaca striking his wife, Elodia Ghinescu, several times, which resulted in her death”.
Then, Cioaca took the dead body into the bathroom, put it into the bathtub and proceeded to cut it into pieces in order to hide it easier. “The defendant used a large travel bag the victim had bought during a trip to Dubai, and the shower curtain, which was meant to prevent potential blood leaks) to take corpse fragments and put them into the car trunk to hide them in an unknown location. Some objects were also reported missing, including a knife 25-30 cm-long, two towels, the travel bag and the shower curtain,” prosecutors say in the indictment.
Investigators say that the underage child of the two was in the apartment at the time of the murder.
Elodia Marilena Ghinescu disappeared in late August 2007, yet Cristian Cioaca, a policeman with the Arges Police at the time, only reported her missing on Sept 5, 2007, at his boss’s request. The couple’s 9-year-old child is currently placed with the family of Cristian Cioaca’s sister.

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