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June 21, 2021

There is an option to break down TAROM into three pieces, Isar says

Former TAROM and CFR manager Lucian Isar disclosed during a Realitatea TV show ‘the plans with the future of TAROM’. ‘There are several transactions. There are several plans in that respect. First of all, to even up the fleet. It is a very important transaction, as it will reduce TAROM’s costs. However, as it happens with any major transaction where you trade existing aircraft up for better ones, a lot of money can be hidden in the structure of such transaction. Normally, this is something that has to be done if we want to improve the company results. The major problem is who stands in the middle, because, in my opinion, this is where the battle will be fought – who the broker will be, who will facilitate the transaction,’ Isar said. Isar further said that one of the options considered in respect of TAROM was to split the company and obtain a low-cost airline. ‘Other areas of interest concern Romaero. Romaero’s land has been craved for many years for real estate purposes. Another idea is to break TAROM down into at least three companies, or, in reality, maintenance outsourcing, which seems a bad idea to me. Another option is to break down TAROM and also obtain a low-cost operator. Another debatable choice. Any such engineering work leaves a lot of money on the table,’ Isar further noted.

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