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January 27, 2022

Lower number of infringement cases pursued by EC against Romania

The number of infringement cases pursued by the European Commission (EC) against Romania is currently decreasing, Romania falling below the EU member states’ average of 30 cases on the roll, according to a release of the Romanian diplomatic office, citing data from the report made public by the European Commission.
Moreover, Romania is one of the most rapid European states in solving its conflicts, with an average of approximately 19.1 months spent on a case, that is by 8 months less the EU average of 27 months spent on a case, according to the results showed by the half year report of the EU Internal Market Scoreboard, the mechanism through which the EU monitors the functioning of the Internal Market.
Regarding the transposition of EU directives referring to the internal market, Romania’s deficit is 1 percent, which is the deficit target established by the EU too.
Moreover, Romania has no conviction by the CJUE related to the transposition of EU directives, reads the MAE release.
The report also showed how the SOLVIT centre managed by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs functions, despite the large number of causes managing to rapidly solve most of them, the country also standing above the EU average from this viewpoint too.
Moreover, SOLVIT Romania posted a resolution rate of 94 percent, above the average of 89 percent of the other states.

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