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February 9, 2023

Ponta says he is sick and tired of Basescu’s latest “lies”

“There are 20 million people in Romania who would make better presidents than Basescu,” he said.

Premier Victor Ponta said Sunday on Antena 3 that he is “sick and tired of the lies” delivered by President Traian Basescu in his public statements and that his latest attack against him is ridiculous and only amused him. “I laughed, made fun,” Ponta said about the president’s latest criticism targeted at him. He also answered the president who mentioned that reaching a strategic partnership with China – a proposal made by Ponta during talks with Chinese authorities – is against the partnership Romania already has with USA, as the premier thinks that Romania can have strategic partnerships both with China and the United States of America. President Traian Basescu said Thursday on Digi 24 that the premier’s tour in Asia, “catastrophic in terms of image and efficiency,” should upset him, as the head of the government left without a mandate which would have been mandatory. Basescu added that signing a strategic partnership with China comes in contradiction to that it already has with the USA.
Ponta answered by saying that nobody ever demanded him a mandate, nor asked him about President Traian Basescu in the Asian countries which he recently visited, adding that the mandate is mandatory, under the decision of the Constitutional Court, only for the meetings of the European Council. He explained that he will not seek a mandate from the president for the next visit he will pay abroad.
Also Sunday, the premier retorted to the president, who had previously said that there is a better head of government than him, that in Romania there are 20 million citizens that would make better presidents than Traian Basescu. “Do you know what I would answer to this, now after the census?! There are 20 million people in Romania who would make much better presidents than Traian Basescu, who love their country and would do more for it. This is what I would answer,” Ponta stated on Antena 3. “When I see Traian Basescu telling the same lies, the same stories, I am so sick and tired! The only good thing is that I know there are 500 more days and he goes on the sea, whatever he wants!” Victor Ponta added about the accusations made by Traian Basescu, who said the premier left on his Asian tour without mandate. Ponta also announced that two weeks from now he will pay a visit to Spain where he will meet his counterpart Mariano Rajoy.
Sova answers Basescu, defending Ponta
Dan Sova, minister for Infrastructure Projects commented on Realitatea TV the accusations made by Traian Basescu, who said the premier left on his Asian tour without a mandate that would have been compulsory. “The premier did not need a mandate for the visit to China,” he explained, adding that there is a decision which refers to the mandate of representation at the European Council, not a general mandate which the premier should take to represent Romania in its foreign relations.
On the other hand, PSD senator Mircea Geoana wrote on his personal blog that foreign policy is part of national interest, not of cohabitation, and it must be extracted without delay from the smoking ledger of cohabitation, until it is too late. “Is Romania’s foreign policy a matter of cohabitation? No! It is an obligatory matter of collaboration and agreement between president and premier,” wrote Geoana, former Senate Speaker and Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Romanians need a new constitution
PM Ponta said that the most important thing for Romania is to have a new Constitution, the tactical aspect related to the referendum set to be decided by the Social Liberal Union (the USL ruling alliance) and discussed with the Hungarian Democratic Union in Romania (UDMR, in Opposition) and the People’s Party – Dan Diaconescu (PP-DD, in Opposition).
He added that, in fact, in October, Romania will also have the Venice Commission’s point of view, a context in which ‘everyone in Romania who will say the Constitution is not good, after the Venice Commission’s assessment the criticism will remain without the subject’. On the other hand, Ponta announced yesterday that the activity of PSD ministers, secretaries of state, heads of agencies will be analyzed at the end of August in the leading structures of the formation that is offering them political support.
Asked for his comment on the fact that the government has issued 70 ordinances in the last 6 months, surpassing the Boc Government’s “record,” Ponta answered: “And we will continue to issue them for the simple reason that – apart from Parliament, because as you know very well we passed important draft laws in two weeks’ time too, a week in one chamber, a week in the other – we have a system of sabotage” coming from PDL and President Traian Basescu, who always complain and send the laws to the Constitutional Court. Although the court has rejected their claims, the manoeuvre makes the government to waste time, Ponta said.

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