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October 4, 2022

Marie Curie Hospital manager sacked

The decision was taken yesterday by the Health Minister who was dissatisfied with his deficient management and with the fact that the hospital’s heart surgery and anesthesia – neonatology wards have not been opened yet. Daniel Buzatu has been proposed as Catalin-Gabriel Smarandache’s replacement.

Health Minister Eugen Nicolaescu (photo) ( PNL) sacked Catalin-Gabriel Smarandache from the office of manager of Bucharest’s “Marie Curie” Children’s Hospital. The announcement was made by Nicolaescu himself who pointed out that Daniel Buzatu, manager of the hospital from 2006 to 2009, has been proposed as Smarandache’s replacement. “Today  we took the decision to sack the management of the Marie Curie Hospital for deficient management and for the absence of the addendum to the 2012 management contract. He is the only manager in Romania that lacks the addendum to the 2012 management contract,” the minister added at a press conference.
According to Nicolaescu, the hospital’s problem are caused by Smarandache who “failed to adopt the decisions needed to render operational the two wards that everyone – the authorities, the public and the mass-media – was expecting after all, namely the heart surgery ward and the anesthesia – neonatology ward.” “Like I was saying in Friday’s press communiqué, after I visited this hospital I noticed no vision, no strategy, no concrete proposal that would come to the ministry and would obviously propose the improvement of activity in this hospital. Consequently, you can imagine I could no longer tolerate such a situation and our decision today is a well-founded decision,” Nicolaescu stated.
Nicolaescu’s decision to sack the manager of the Marie Curie Hospital did not take anyone by surprise, considering that the health minister had publicly asked Gabriel Smarandache on Monday evening to file his resignation. The minister expressed his discontent with “the institution’s critical management.” In a statement for Mediafax he referred to the fact that the heart surgery and the neonatology intensive care wards are not operational despite the fact that they are equipped at European standards. “You bring nurses and doctors to these wards but after several months during which you do nothing the doctors leave and the nurses are transferred to other wards. This means complete lack of interest,” Nicolaescu stated. He pointed out that these are two important wards in the context in which in Romania there should be at least another 1,800 heart surgeries on newborns per year in order to treat all cases. “Talking with the heads of wards, with the leadership committee, I understood that I have to implement very harsh measures. One of them is to change the management, but apart from that to change the whole leadership council,” the minister stated on Monday evening.
The minister also announced that, as a result of a protocol recently signed with a special clinic in Milan, four teams of doctors and nurses will take part in a program of specialization in pediatric heart surgery. According to Nicolaescu, this will allow the start of activity in the pediatric heart surgery ward of the Marie Curie Hospital and, on the long term, the hiking of the number of surgeries that can be done in Romania. “We are preparing teams of specialists for Bucharest, Iasi, Timisoara and in order to complete the team in Targu Mures,” the Health Minister added.
Smarandache: I have nothing to reproach myself with as hospital manager
Prior to his sacking, Gabriel Smarandache stated that he will not resign because he has nothing to reproach himself with as manager of the hospital. “I took over this office as a result of a competition, I’m not politically affiliated, my only affiliation is to the medical profession, being one of those who have worked both in the country and abroad. Eventually I chose to work in Romania. Out of good faith, not out of lack of common sense, because I have nothing to reproach myself with as hospital manager, I won’t resign,” Smarandache said, being quoted by Mediafax.
Currently on medical leave, Gabriel Smarandache will attack Health Minister Eugen Nicolaescu’s decision in court, considering the decision an abuse.

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