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August 12, 2022

TI Report: More than a quarter of Romanians admit paying bribes in medical system

More than a quarter of Romanians, 27 per cent, admit giving bribes in the medical system and 65 pc consider the corruption phenomenon by and large has spread during the past two years, according to the Transparency International (TI) report published .
With respect to how corruption is perceived, Romania ranks 6th, behind Portugal, France, Cyprus, Spain and the UK and the EU average of 52 pc. Also, the proportion of those who believe corruption stood flat was stagnant at 27 pc, and 8 pc consider it declined.
Romanians are among the EU citizens who see corruption in the public sector as a very serious is EU. In this contest, 63 pc of the interviewees hold personal connections as very important in getting matters done in the public sector. Romania however ranks 16th of the 20 EU countries where the poll was conducted on which the TI report was based, yet quite close to the EU average.
The majority of EU citizens see political parties as the most corrupt, followed by Parliament, officials, business environment, press, judicial system, police, medical system, religious denominations, educations, NGOs and the Army. Romanians, too, consider political parties as the main corruption source.
Seventeen per cent of those questioned acknowledged to paying bribes during the past 12 months, when coming into contact with the entities ranked as among the most corrupt. In this respect, Romania ranked 6th in the EU, behind Lithuania, Greece, Slovakia, Latvia and Cyprus and above the EU average of 11 pc.
The majority of Europeans, 12 per cent, said they paid bribes in the medical system. At 27 pc, Romania ranks third behind Lithuania and Slovakia. Thirteen per cent of Romanians said they paid bribes in the judicial system, 11 pc for landed property services.

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